Stunning Reports -- Obama's Indonesian Passport

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Trump's Hard-On For Obama

You recognize what Trump is up to?

$5 million for Obama's college and passport records?

Obama transfered to Columbia as an Indonesian foreign student. Renounced his citizenship.

Obama went to Columbia his finaltwo years of college. Transfered from Occidental... 19-20 years old.

This is in 1981.

How did he get into Columbia? Very very hard to do as a freshman. Hopeless if a transfer. Particularly if a doped up kid like Obama says he was in his books. And from Occidental, which sounds like an impressive college. Actually it is about like a Jr. College.

A kid from a CC would have about as much luck getting into Columbia as a kid from Occidental.

How did Obama do it?

I've understood this for months now. D'Souza doesnt talk but people grasp where he goes and what he is looking for.

Trump is laying the basis for it all... In a week, it will all be out. Trump is the emperor of free press. People will take it more fatally, if he builds it up. A week or two of Trump previewing it.

And he wants to goat Obama into denying it or saying something on TV he can show to be a lie. Then of course Trump has some documents. Then trump can "Double down on the lie." Bad enough doing that 30 years ago but then to lie to the nation now?

Denesh D'souza thinks (or knows) he used his Indonesian passport and got in as a foreign student and probably it was free to Obama. The College or government paid for it I'm sure. Affirmative action.. yes. Columbia needed some diverse faces, and at the time only transfered foreign nationals into the college.

Okay fine. But illegal!!!

Fraud (pretext) to recieve (tuition, room and board) funds through that sort of false application.

AND, after age 18 it is illegal to use two passports. You have to chose U.S. or other. Always been that way. Only children can have two.

Now when you use two passports as an adult, you dont lose you citizenship unless you renounce your citizenship. Nothing to do with Obama?

What if the Columbia (or Occidental) application asked, "Are you a US citizen?" And he checked "no".

Clear FRAUD... maybe or maybe not he gave up his citizenship right then and there in many people's eye.

So D'Souza was in Indonesia for months and months a year ago. A very long time. I think he found the paperwork. Trump probably paid a lot of money to some clerk and a week before the election it will all come out.

I think a clerk in Indonesia obviously sold passport documents and maybe someone at Columbia too. More likey Occidental.

Why wasn't Obama properly investigated in 2008?

Who says, "Politics is boring????"

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