Strong Evidence to Convince Skeptics, Santa Calls and a Santa Evidence Kit

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Christmas is coming. Some of us are almost ready for it, with great gifts for our kids and big plans for how to spend the day. Many of us are just getting started. The kids are getting antsy with anticipation of Santa’s annual visit. Some are beginning to question whether or not Santa is real, however. Some want to keep believing, but they will need some strong evidence to convince them. Santa Calls and a Santa Evidence Kit are a couple of interesting types of evidence that may be strong enough to convince them.

Santa calls are growing in popularity. Many businesses have begun to offer Santa calls to their Christmas season customers. There is nothing like the look on a child’s face when she is called the telephone and Santa Claus is on the other end. The light in her eyes is priceless. Santa calls are handled by many different businesses and come in a couple of different formats.

Live Santa calls are the most expensive choice. They are also the most realistic. They call is arranged for a specific time when the parent knows that the child will be available, and is initiated by a real live person. This person will be armed with information about the child, such as name, age, what she wants for Christmas, etc. That way, the conversation can be driven in a vein that makes it sound as if Santa has really taken time to call.

Prerecorded Santa calls are much less costly. These calls are prescheduled and are initiated by a computer. The better providers use a highly interactive program that can actually sound as if the conversation is live. These programs can switch in different phrases based on certain key words spoken by the child. Of course, the child’s name and a few details about the child are included and inserted at appropriate places in the recording to personalize the entire experience.

Another very strong piece of evidence that Santa is real is the Santa Evidence Kit. These kits contain certain small items that could easily be dropped by Santa Claus if he were forced to leave in a hurry to avoid detection. A glove, his glasses, and other things can be included in this kit to make it appear that Santa has been there. If the evidence is placed properly, it can make even the most skeptical child believe.

Combining Santa calls and Santa Evidence kits may be the strongest way to convince the children that Santa does exist. Putting these two into play the same season can convince a child who has lost his belief sometimes. Those who are just questioning will most likely be convinced. The happiness and joy that receiving a Santa call and finding little pieces of evidence scattered about on Christmas morning brings to a child are priceless. Ordering Santa calls and a Santa Evidence Kit is really quite easy, and the smiles on the children’s faces are worth it.

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