Stretching and Pilates: The Natural Way to Eliminate Back Pain For Good

By: Steven Giles

There are so many reasons why people have back pain. Your particular back pain may be the result of an old car accident or sports injury. Sometimes, people get back pain simply because it just comes with the territory of aging. Certain people may even be more apt to get it than others due to a variety of genetic factors. No matter how you wound up with it, you know you want to get rid of it.

You can try going to a doctor and even visiting a chiropractor, but you are likely not to experience complete relief by either of those methods. A medical doctor is only going to dope you up on pain medications and a chiropractor will only "fix" you for a short period of time. Either way, you are going to have to go right back to both eventually. That is no way to live. There is another way to get rid of back pain for good and that way is by stretching and Pilates.

You may be very familiar with stretching exercises as some of them are taught early in life. When you combine Pilates with certain tested stretching techniques, you have the ability to become pain free. The thing with Pilates is that it works to help the back fall back into it's natural alignment. When the back has been injured in one way or another, you may not realize it but your entire body is influenced by it. Just by having one vertebrae or disk out of place is enough to cause your entire spine to become mis-aligned.

By knowing that piece of vital information, you are likely to view the health of your back in an entirely different light. There is no doubt that the back is very fragile without exercise. If you have a damaged back, then things are going to be that much worse. Every second that goes by with your back in bad shape puts more strain, stress, and tension on the pain, making everything feel even more excruciating. Pilates and stretching exercises are very simple to do and only take about ten minutes per exercise session per day. Within about two weeks, you are going to feel much better, walk better, and have straighter posture. Stress and tension is released from the entire body when these exercises and stretches are done.

Anyone with any type of injury can do these exercises. All that is required is a Pilates mat, a comfortable workout suit, and a comfortable pair of shoes. You may also require a DVD or book in order to know how to do the exercises. All instructions are step-by-step. As you get better at the exercises, you are able to move onto more advanced stages of Pilates and stretching techniques. There are exercise routines that last ten minutes, and some can last up to 30 minutes. The movements are small so there is no strain or stress involved. They are also considered to be very low impact. Pilates is recommended for anyone who needs permanent relief.

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