Stretching Exercises for Walking

By: Sarah Carlye

Walking is something that is done everyday several times a day without warm up exercises. When walking for fitness and weight loss, a few warm up exercises may prevent injury and soreness.

Once the warm up exercises are done, stretching exercises should be done.

Warm up exercises before walking doesn’t have to be complicated or take longer than the walk itself will take. A few simple exercises before stretching are all that is needed to warm up the muscles.

Here are a few stretching exercises that can be done before walking:

• Side stretches-alternate reaching one arm over the head hold for 10 seconds
• Lunges-step forward (lunge) with one foot and alternate
• Tip Toe-go up on toes and then stand flat and repeat
• Toe points-while sitting, outstretch legs (together or one at a time and point toes up and then forward
• Ankle circles-while standing lift one leg and do circles in both directions
• Twists-stand in place with arms hanging and swing them from side to side keeping the body in one place

Especially for those that are extremely out of shape or obese, stretching exercises are even more important. The added exercise aids in weight loss and fitness. To make every step a mini workout, many walkers choose the Stepgym to wear because optimal health and weight loss results are seen sooner.

Stretched muscles are less likely to be pulled if while walking the following occurs:

• Foot slips on rocks or gravel
• Step off the curb wrong
• Over walking
• Walking on inclines

At first the warm up and stretching exercises might not seem to make a difference and interfere with getting started on a walk. Making warm up and stretching exercises part of the walking routine will increase flexibility as well as prevent injury when walking. Once warm up exercises are part of the walking routine, they will take no time at all.

Walking in the Stepgym shoe instead of traditional walking shoes will increase fitness.

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