Stretch Marks and Teenagers

By: Gabriell Rygh

Puberty is filled with in inhospitable moments such as the first time you have a serious acne breakout or the first time you notice a stretch mark. After knowing all this it's a wonder we even survive our teenage years, however, you're not the first to live through these experiences and thankfully, there are ways of dealing with these problems.

In the case of stretch marks, for example, your best option is to work towards preventing them. Keep in mind the more elastic your skin is, the more likely it will stand up to excessive stretching.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Growth spurts and rapid weight loss are the 2 main causes of stretch mark formation, nevertheless, the disruption of collagen is are the real reason behind this common skin problem. So, if the disruption of collagen is to blame for these unsightly skin lesions, then it's fair to assume that collagen boosting products - those containing Vitamin A and E) - can help prevent their appearance.

Once you get your hands on an effective and natural stretch marks cream, you need to be consistent with its application in order to actually have a chance at preventing stretch marks.

Another source of stretch marks is weight gain. Due to hormonal fluctuations most teenagers will gain weight excessively during this time.

To keep this under control, it is important to follow a sensible diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way of maintaining a healthy and stable weight. Also stay away from empty calorie foods such as junk food and fast food. These types of foods will not only affect your weight, but can also exacerbate another teen problem: acne.

Exercising regularly also helps maintain a healthy weight. Exercise has other benefits as well. It can keep your skin healthy, keep your body flexible and strong and even control your mood swings.

Eliminating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks lotions can help you get rid of stretch marks or simply minimize their appearance, however, they're not the only alternative. In fact, a cold pressed oil known as rose hip oil has shown impressive result in treating scar tissue. This oil is very gentle and safe enough to use on teenage skin.

Rose hip oil is gathered from the rosa moschata bush found in South America. Its success with stretch mark treatment is merited to its high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids.

These substances can help promote the production of new collagen and skin cells while helping dissolve and flush damaged tissue from the body. This is a process that takes time, but little by little the stretch mark begins to shrink in size.

You can also try cover up methods to hide your stretch marks. Body makeup is more durable than traditional foundation. Spray-on tans are an ideal way to cover up your stretch marks, especially during summer.

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