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By: edward fery

This world is a self interested place. Any company which wants to stay alive today needs to have a strategy, the strategy that can ensure its survival. This strategy that has ‘survival of the fittest qualities’, but this strategy is only possible if the logo design of that company has some power in it.
I call it power because it only depends on the brand icon of a company that can keep a company sailing or drown it at any movement. You must be wondering why I am using such hard words for such a small subject. I would like to assure you that the subject that we consider a small one is not that small. Because the competition today is getting so competitive that many companies (on a daily basis) get bankrupt because their marketing campaigns fail.
Obviously I am not a master of branding or campaigning strategy. But I have some idea regarding the public psychology. There are two things that can keep the audience tuned to one company. One is the design and all other attractive aspects. I called this ‘one’ because it comes first, but sadly is short timed.
Secondly, the trust that company can make and the brand image and publicity that is can deploy among public entities. It’s second because the public may like your logo and start buying the products of your company by its marketing strategy and attractiveness. But it will not use these products again unless the products deliver the performance for which they were bought. In simple terms, products need to meet the expectations of public.
Now I will talk about, how we can achieve these two aspects and run a successful business strategy. For ‘one’ we will need to have some experience logo designers. Not just experienced they should be creative and imaginative at the same time. So, that they can design such types of logo that can best suit the strategy of that company.
For second aspect, the companies need to give more importance to their products. Because the marketing strategies might make them profitable for the first time, but to stay in business products should be of quality. SO that the public can demand more and this is the only way in which companies can run successful businesses and stay in the market for longer period.
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