Straightening teeth can help in getting rid of several oral diseases


A proper oral health care is a combination of healthy teeth and gums. A set of straight teeth and firm, pink gums are signs of good oral health. If you are suffering from sore or bleeding gums then visiting a dentist is imperative. Ignoring the condition can ultimately worsen not only oral hygiene but will have a domino effect and might even lead to heart disease. The dentist may use root scaling and planning, flap procedure, gingivectomy among others to treat affected gums. Maintaining healthy gums involves brushing, flossing, using mouthwash etc. Along with this, regular visits to a dentist are must. She/he can identify problems in advance and provide timely treatment and help in preventing a condition from getting severe.

For those suffering from badly arranged teeth, wearing dental appliance like clear aligners can help in straightening them. However, these dental equipments are for those only who are suffering from mild malocclusion. These aligners are clear plastic trays that are custom made for an individual. Made of medical grade plastic, these trays are worn over the affected teeth for a prescribed period and are changed regularly as advised by the dentist. By applying gentle, constant force on the misaligned teeth, they help in pushing them to intended position.

Now the question that must have popped in your head: Why clear aligners and not braces? The answer is both of them are equally effective in helping you attain straighter teeth but aligners have obvious advantages. The biggest turn-off with braces is their effect on the visual appearances. They affect the way one looks while laughing, smiling or talking. However, since aligners are made of transparent material, they are virtually invisible. Also, they are just worn and not fixed to the teeth like traditional braces be it clear or invisible. This makes them more user-friendly as they can be removed while eating, drinking, brushing.

One thing to be kept in mind while undergoing orthodontic treatment is never to avoid wearing a tooth positioner once the treatment with aligners has finished. Like aligners, these devices are also customised to provide a perfect finish. These are to be worn for 24 hours but for a short period as suggested by the dentist. They help in giving the finishing touches to the newly aligned teeth. ClearPath manufactures affordable, high quality clear aligners that will help you in achieving a perfect smile you always dreamed of. These have become immensely popular globally as they are both effective and comfortable.

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