Stopping Drinking: You can do it!

By: David Peters

Double Fist Your Drinks: If you are drinking an alcoholic beverage it is a great idea to have a glass of water there as well and drink the two together. Drinking the water in between sips of your alcohol can help to keep the concentration of the alcohol down in your blood stream. You are also less likely to have a hangover the next day if you keep hydrated as well. Designate a Driver: If you are going out and plan on drinking, always make sure that someone is designated to drive and that they have no alcohol whatsoever. If there is no designated driver, you should be the responsible one and abstain from drinking. Remember that driving under the influence, no matter how little, can kill. Having responsible drinking habits is very important if you are planning to consume alcohol. Being responsible while drinking can keep you healthy, keep you out of embarrassing situations, and most important of all - it can save your life.

If you are a binge drinker, you should realize that not only could it make you an alcoholic it can also lead to death! This article will make you aware of the dangers of binge drinking, so it is important for you to pay attention. In most cases, binge drinking is more prevalent among teenagers and people in their early twenties but could occur a lot earlier. Binge drinking is not something to do just for fun. Many people binge drink and do not know the seriousness of it. To most people their just drinking and having a good time with some friends, but that do not make it any less dangerous. People who die of binge drinking usually die of alcohol poisoning, which could shut down vital organs and even stop your heart.

You should make sure that you understand the connection between your drinking and your daily habits. If you normally drink when you are upset or stressed, pay attention to the things that make you upset and try to either eliminate them, or deal with them in a different way. For instance, if you are experiencing stress at work, and usually drink after work, try something else that relieves stress, such as taking a walk after dinner or listening to your favorite music. You can also take advantage of meditation to clear your head and calm yourself down. This may feel strange to you at first but after a while, you will become accustomed to using alternative methods to make yourself feel better. It is also best to substitute drinking with positive activities as soon as possible. Even if you feel that you are just a social drinker and only drink when you are out with friends, you should use things like physical activity, your favorite television show, or spending time with loved ones to replace your tendency to drink.

More than 9 out of 10 people in the United Kingdom drink alcohol. It is part of our culture and we feel comfortable with it. Moderate drinking doesn't cause many problems. However, over the last 30 years, society has become wealthier and alcohol has become cheaper. We are starting to drink at a younger age and we are drinking more. More than 1 in 4 men, and about 1 in 7 women are drinking more than is medically safe for them. According to the Department of Health, around 1 in 8 men is physically addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is like many other drugs that act on the brain, such as tranquillizers. If we drink it regularly, we find that it has less effect on us. We need to drink more and more to get the effect we want. This is called 'tolerance' and is a powerful part of becoming addicted to alcohol.

As you drink alcohol different parts of your brain start acting differently than they should as they are being poisened by the alcohol. The Limblic System is important to your brain as it controls emotions and memories. When Alcohol enters this part of your brain it affects your emotions and you suffer memory loss. The Cerebellum is important because it controls your movement.Affected by Alcohol and your movements become uncontrollable, simple things like touching your nose and standing on one leg become very hard to achieve. Cerebellum controls everyone's balance, that's why you're always seeing drunken people falling over. Alcohol is extremely dangerous because it starts blurring the lines for these important parts in your brain.

Drinking and driving doesn't go well along and it can not only prove to be fatal for the other guy but also the driver and the passengers of the car itself. For sure one should desist from intake of alcohol during driving as there is a remarkably augmented risk of car accidents, damage to property and injury to people. It is hard to believe but the fact is that about 20% of the traffic sufferers all over the world take place due to drunk driving. We all should act sensibly and like responsible citizens, should understand the ill effects of drunk driving and refrain from doing it. Looking carefully at the statistics it is revealed that half of the offenders caught were not under the influence of alcohol but other banned substances like drugs. There are certain measures that can be implemented to curb drunk driving.

Think about any other feelings that were involved. Were you stressed, lonely, hungry, scared or tired? All of these things can play a part in recognizing triggers to anger. Now, what are some positive things that can be done after you have done your accessing, recognizing and list making? There are actually several things you can do to help yourself when anger and abstaining from alcohol have taken a toll. Decide how you will behave. When you know what you are up against and you recognize the triggers, there will be many times when the choice of how to handle your anger will be up to you. You can make good choices or ones that will only hurt yourself, others and your recovery process. One way to make the best choices is to learn how to talk yourself through difficult situations. Talk to yourself in a calm and reassuring manner and use reason. Figure out what the outcome may be if you are able to make good decisions.

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