Stop Unwanted Calls With Call Block Ring Controllers And Advanced Caller IDs

By: David Hobson

For old folks like, do you remember the 70s? The 80s even? Way back then, prank callers were many. They’d ring a number at random and play a variety of tricks on the hapless person who’ll answer the phone. Some of these tricks were actually amusing. But a lot of them were downright infuriating. Some were harmless. A number of them were cruel and tasteless. Every single kind of prank call – from death threats to pick up moves to kidnap warnings to extortion to getting a call from the president of the United States – was experienced by folks during those times.

Of course, modern technology helped curb such a sophomoric practice. Devices were introduced to call block unwanted numbers. Caller IDs were the first add-ons that started to discourage pranksters. After all, they have the courage to play some pranks because of the anonymity they enjoyed. Call block devices like the aforementioned caller IDs took away such anonymity.

But calls from pranksters aren’t the only unwanted calls that people receive. There are many others – calls from the mother-in-law, calls from the persistent ex who can’t seem to accept that the relationship is over, calls from the debt collector, calls from the best friend who can’t seem to live without talking to someone for hours – that we would rather avoid.

Thankfully, modern technology comes to our rescue once again. With call block ring controllers, we can actually input the numbers we’re trying to stay away from. Once these numbers come a’ ringing, the call block ring controller will reject such calls.

Furthermore, these call block ring controllers address one important issue.

Before they were made available in the market, there were already call block mechanisms that homeowners can use. However, these devices failed to identify calls and stop the phone from ringing at particular periods of the day. Hence, there may be a number you’d want to entertain during daytime but never at night when you’re resting with your family. Previous call block machines rendered people helpless when it came to such a concern.

The newer call block ring controllers, however, gives users total control over their phones. They can set the numbers that will be monitored and the time by which such restrictions can apply.

Some of these call block ring controllers can even memorize up to 300 numbers, a great feature for people who just want some peaceful time for themselves.

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