Stop Smoking

By: Katie Heath

Stop smoking with Bioresonance, a drug free, natural treatment eliminating cravings, addictions to drugs and alcohol also successfully treated, allergies and food intolerance treated to help improve your health.

Bioresonance therapy deals with the hidden causes of disease and ill health by assessing and normalising energetic imbalances within the body. All matter, whether living or inert “resonate” at specific electromagnetic frequencies and this includes our bodies. In basic terms, resonate means to vibrate in harmony with the neighbouring source of energy. Toxic substances such as infections, chemicals and heavy metals can alter the body’s normal pattern of resonating. When this happens, we start to adapt to the new frequency pattern which becomes the new “you” as long as the toxins remain in the body, and this is how drug addictions, chronic illnesses occur. The removal of these toxic frequencies with bioresonance therapy will correct the body’s subtle energy patterns, thus allowing the individual to return to their “normal” healthy status. This is achieved by a process called “phase cancellation” where the energy wave pattern of the toxin is matched with the exact mirror image, this means the electromagnetic charge of the toxin is reduced and negated allowing the immune system to approach the toxin and detoxify.

In relation to allergy treatment, the bioresonance machine is able to invert the energy patterns associated with various problematic allergens, which initiates what is called “phase cancellation”, enabling the body to enter a state of desensitisation. Another method of treating allergies is via certain acupuncture meridians which stimulate the body’s energy. Input and output electrodes can be placed on certain meridian pathways in the body and the allergen is placed just below the navel, so that the allergen’s electromagnetic wave patterns are radiated into the body. While the meridians are being balanced via the electrodes, the body is harmonised to the allergen.

When an allergy treatment is undertaken the best results will always be achieved when the natural immune system has been strengthened and this requires the removal of any existing overburdening toxins which may be present in the body prior to the commencement of therapy. Bioresonance therapy will help stimulate the body to reduce these toxins via detoxification, aided by natural nutritional therapy designed to enhance the detox process.

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