Stop Smoking: Is It Really Worth It To Stop Smoking?

By: Sig Kabai

You have been thinking that its time to quit smoking. But maybe youve been thinking that its time to quit smoking ever since you started and you are still smoking. You know that the health benefits of quitting are incredible. Still, you are smoking a cigarette or thinking of smoking one right now. Have you examined your reasons for not quitting? Maybe you think you cant handle the withdrawal symptoms.

Try looking at it this way: Smoking cigarettes is like pointing a gun at your head. The gun wont go off until ten or twenty years have passed. The thing is that the gun will go off eventually. How many years have you been smoking? Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, forty? However long its been, the time to quit smoking is now. Really, it was yesterday, but now will have to do. Put that gun down. Stop embarrassing yourself in public. When nonsmokers see someone smoking, they make judgments about it. Stop giving them a reason to judge you.

Not only is there an increasing social stigma attached to smokers, but the health benefits of quitting are endless. Do it now. Dont keep putting it off. You know that your body cant handle smoking without taxing years off of your life. If the financial cost hasnt caused you to stop smoking, then quit for the sake of the health benefits from quitting.
No one thinks that it is easy to stop smoking, but it is worth it to quit smoking and quit committing slow and painful suicide.

If you stop smoking, you will also eliminate over four thousand different poisonous chemicals from your body.

If you quit smoking, you will be able to eat comfortably in any restaurant whether they allow smoking or not. You will also not have to wait for a seat in the smoking section if the state or country you are in allows for smoking in public eateries.

If you stop smoking, you will be able to save a percentage of your income. You can put the money that you have been spending on smoking into a jar or a savings account. At the end of a year, you will probably have enough money to make a very nice purchase or go on vacation.

If you quit smoking, you will not repel nonsmokers who see you smoking or smell the smoke on your clothes and skin. Smoking is such a stigmatized habit now that you will surely see a difference in the way that the world interacts with you if you stop smoking.

If youve been smoking for many years, imagine what you have been missing out on in fragrances and foods. Maybe you dont really know what different spices taste like because your taste buds and sense of smell are overloaded with the many different poisons that are in tobacco products. If you stop smoking, you will find out what fragrances you have been missing out on.

The health benefits of quitting are important. The social and financial benefits are also important. Quitting is important, but it is not easy. You will not only face the psychological struggle when you quit smoking. You will also face some physical challenges. Some of these common physical and psychological challenges are listed below.

When you stop smoking, you might find yourself feeling depressed.

When you quit smoking, you might find that you are struggling with insomnia or changes in your sleep patterns.

You might find that you are cranky, frustrated or irritable when you stop smoking.

You might find that your appetite is greatly increased, and this could lead to some weight gain when you quit smoking.

If you really think that you cannot handle the physical and psychological challenges, there are various methods that people have found to be very helpful when it was time to quit smoking. Research a bit on the new and powerful methods to stop smoking.

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