Steroid Dependence and Steroid Addiction Treatment

By: Ben Pate

A drug works by altering the brains natural level of chemicals. When an individual becomes addicted to drugs it requires more and more of it to obtain the desired effect. Steroids have become prevalent in athletics. Many athletes have abused steroids in order to maximize their performance on the playing field. Steroid addiction is very dangerous and can lead to long-term problems, so steroid treatment is needed.

Drug Addiction

If a person decides to start using drugs it is very possible that they will eventually develop a dependency. Drug addiction is an incredibly dangerous complication that arises from prolonged use of narcotics. There are countless negative consequences that a drug addiction will have. Loss of interest in hobbies, destruction of relationships, and decreased physical health are all possible effects that developing a dependency on drugs will have.

Young Abusers

High school athletes are particularly vulnerable to steroid abuse. Most steroid abusers are male, but females are increasingly abusing steroids. While treatment is important for all drug addicts, it is imperative that teenagers receive immediate treatment for their addiction. Failure to seek timely intervention usually leads to greater drug use and health problems, which could prove fatal. Fortunately, steroid rehab is readily available for teens and others.

Physical Anomalies

Steroid abuse disrupts normal hormonal balance and production, and men and women develop severe cases of acne. Males develop breasts, and their testicles become smaller. Sperm production is reduced, causing infertility. Men suffer irreversible male-pattern baldness, and adolescents experience stunted growth. Females become extremely masculine: Their breasts shrink, and the clitoris becomes enlarged. Skin takes on an unpleasant coarseness and hairiness, while scalp hairs become thinner. These changes are permanent for women.

Bodily Changes

Along with physical anomalies that occur with steroid use, psychological disorders are prevalent in many abusers. Violent mood swings, depression, and anger are all commonly associated with someone who is dealing with a steroid addiction. Thankfully, for those who have become dependent on steroids there are many options for recovery. Inpatient facilities, Outpatient programs, and residential rehabilitation are all extremely effective in helping a person get over their addiction. Research shows that people who enter some form of rehabilitation program have an astronomically higher chance of overcoming their dependence to steroids. They benefit from the care that only medical professional are able to offer.

Mental Changes

It is imperative for those who have a steroid problem to seek counseling. Be it in a group setting or one-on-one with a specialist, research has clearly shown that the success rate of getting off steroids is much higher with guidance. Individuals are motivated by peers and medical professionals that they are on the right track to getting rid of their drug dependence.


Recovery does not end with the completion of detox. It is very critical that recovering addicts understand this fact. In order to stay drug free, one must continue to use the methods that helped get them off steroids initially. This may include continuing to go to support groups, maintaining contact with a counselor, and avoid those who continue to use drugs.

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Given the negative impact that steroids have on the brain and on adolescent growth, its propensity for causing violent behavior and the recurring nature of addiction, steroid rehabilitation should be started at the earliest opportunity. Intervention and detox can stop or reverse some of the damages, and it forestalls wider drug use.

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