Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets

By: sandy rich

A cuff bracelet is a wide bracelet that has no hooks or clasps. It slips into your wrist and is slightly adjustable so that it can be slipped onto your wrist and then pushed slightly at both ends to fit snugly or loosely, depending on your taste

Silver cuff bracelets come in so many different styles and because of the softness of the silver it is easily fitted on and off of the wrist.

Sterling silver cuff bracelets can be decorated or left plain, but with so many beautiful techniques, these days it is exciting to collect quite a few different styles of cuff bracelet.

Prices of sterling cuff bracelets can vary from as little as $15 right up to $200 depending on what you choose. Some have exquisitely engraved designs and others have been engraved with designs or just a simple message or name.

It is quite funny that handcuffs are called handcuffs, don't you think?

Cuff bracelets are accessories worn around the wrist. It is traditionally made out of a sheet of metal such as aluminum, copper, brass, gold or silver. It is then hammered into a curved shape to fit snugly around the wrist. Store bought cuff bracelets can sometimes be costly depending on the type of metal used and the amount of time taken to design, embellish or engrave onto the metal.

It is easier than you think to make your own silver cuff bracelet at home. Most the materials can be bought craft stores or hardware stores and if you are a handyman who has a garage full of tools or a neighbor, husband or boyfriend that has one then your task is half completed

All you will need is a:
• Clamp or vice grip
• A metal dowel the same width as your wrist
• Jewelry hammer

To make:

• Insert one side of the metal in the clamp and tighten the clamp so that the blank is secure

• Hold the metal dowel underneath the metal blank Hammer the metal blank with the flat head of the jewelry hammer, molding it down around to the metal dowel. Continue to pound the metal blank until you have created the curved piece of metal you desire.

• You should leave a one inch gap between the ends of the metal to allow it to fit onto your wrist.

• Unscrew the clamp and remove the metal blank it should sit nicely round the metal. Continue to better the cuff with the flat side of the hammer to smooth out and remove any dents and create a neat professional finish

• If you want to engrave your cuff bracelet buy some bitumen and put it on the sheet tsheet, thenyour design into the cuff. Get a 55-56% solution of nitric acid in there. Wherever you have etched will be eaten away by the nitric acid and you will have created your own “designer” cuff bracelet

• Separate the cuff from the dowel; rub it with file around the outside of the cuff to remove any jagged edges.

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