Stemulite: Strengthen Your Body's Immunity with Beta Glucans

By: Chris Robertson

As we enter the flu season, you're probably hoping your body's immune system can fight off any virus that comes its way. The immune system helps combat all sorts of illnesses, from the common cold to chronic diseases such as cancer and Lyme disease. Yet, too often we neglect or forget about our immune system's health when choosing foods and natural supplements. Beta glucans, contained in supplements such as Stemulite, help strengthen the immune system so it can do its job effectively every time health issues arise. Let's explore beta glucans and how they work.

What are Beta Glucans?

Beta glucans (a.k.a. B glucans) are found in fungi, lichens, algae, yeasts, bacteria, mushrooms, and even plants such as barley or oats. They are actually sugars found in the cell walls of these sources, and are often used as medicine to treat a number of conditions. Beta glucans can be administered through injection, which increases chemicals that help fight infections, thus helping build the body's immunity. Other sources of beta glucan include manufactured foods in which these sugars are used as an additive (i.e. cheese spreads, frozen desserts, salad dressings, and sour cream).

Now, with products such as Stemulite Fitness Formula, anyone can increase their beta glucan intake by taking tablets orally. The Stemulite products contain beta glucan that is found in mushrooms, which is a 1, 3-1, 6 beta glucan. Note: Someone with mushroom allergies should not use Stemulite.

Beta glucans are nutrients that provide energy to the body and are also believed to be anti-carcinogenic, meaning they are helpful in prevention against cancers. They can potentially enhance a person's immune system and white blood corpuscles to quickly guide white blood cells to infections for healing. Beta glucans can also enhance the body's ability to repair damaged or injured tissues. These are often used by weight trainers and body builders to promote quick recovery when damage has occurred in the muscles.

If you've heard of stem cells, beta glucans work by mobilizing the bone marrow's stem cells, which have the potential to replenish the body's own stem cells that have aged or been weakened.

Direct Benefits of Beta Glucans

Building your immunity can benefit your health in many ways. A stronger immune system will help you fight off infections, disease and viruses such as influenza, H1N1 (swine flu), Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, asthma, ear infections, and multiple sclerosis. Some people use beta glucan topical cream to apply to the skin for eczema, bedsores, burns, wounds, radiation burns, diabetic ulcers, wrinkles, and dermatitis. You might need a boost in your immune system after suffering from chronic fatigue, emotional stress or after medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Beta glucan can certainly help your body regain its immune strength in these cases. Stemulite also benefits the body in a number of other ways, including faster weight reduction, anti-aging, weight training and body building benefits, mental clarity, and more.

Use online resources to find products that contain beta glucan, such as Stemulite Fitness Formula. Search online using words such as "Stemulite beta glucans" or "Stimulite beta glucans" to find the products that fit your budget. These are affordable and easy to use, and the potential long-term benefits for your immune system are well worth the effort. Consider adding beta glucans to your daily health-enhancing routine...and start living life to the fullest!

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