Stellar Goal Setting

By: Valentino Salvato

I don’t know whether you have ever used one of the many available programs on Goal Setting. There is truly a lot of excellent material available nowadays on this subject and Goal Setting has been scientifically proven to work wonders for those who know how to use it properly.
There are many great authors out there and their advice is truly worthy all the money you pay for it.
But the reality of the application of all this great advice is not that positive, unfortunately, and it’s nobody’s fault.
All those authors have truly given you the right material and you have truly made an effort to learn it and apply it. So why you still haven’t got the results you were looking for?
The answers are very simple indeed:
1. The goal(s) didn’t really belong to you
2. The deadline(s) where not realistic for you
Therefore, you got discouraged after some time and gave up.
So, in few words, what’s the solution then? Short answer: “Know thyself first”.
You can only achieve those goals that are consistent and are aligned to your being, who you are, and you can only achieve them at the right time for you, and not for someone else.
By far, the best way to know yourself is through Astrology and the best way to know the right time for you to reap the fruits of your efforts is Astrology again.
So, if you really want to achieve your goals, you need to know how to use both Goal Setting strategies and Astrology.
So far, no Astrologer and/or Coach have ever put together the two, but this gap has now been filled and a new standard has been set in this field.
“Stellar Goal Setting”™ by Valentino Salvato is the first infoproduct of this kind and puts together the best and most reliable strategies from both Coaching and Astrology.
All these strategies have already been tested over a 15+ years period of time and gave 100% positive results.
The author is so sure of its validity that gives a 90 days satisfaction and money back guarantee, no questions asked.
The eBook is not a workbook and there are no blank pages to fill in. You will be able to do that on your own Success Journal or Goal Setting software. In its first edition, the eBook is an 83 pages concentrate of vital information only. Furthermore, when you purchase it, you have the right to FREE LIFETIME UPDATES!!! Don’t get me wrong though. The eBook is already all you need to start achieving your goals but the author is planning to add just more details to it in the future, without changing its proven structure and core principles.
I don’t like hype and too many words. You have nothing to lose with such a guarantee. Give it a try and you’ll discover a brand new way of organizing your life and achieving the goals you like.
Follow the links below for the eBook and to subscribe to the amazing free weekly Newsletter!
To our success.
Valentino Salvato

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Valentino Salvato, BSc Hons PGCE, is an astrologer and life & business coach. He spent more than 15 years studying and testing all the astrological techniques, both ancient and modern. He has been able to identify all the ones that really work and apply them to both personal and mundane matters with extraordinary results. Valentino Salvato is also the first astrologer who has successfully combined astrology and coaching for maximum achievement. He provides mainly online (via email and Skype) and phone consultations but he is also available for consultations, presentations, courses, workshops and seminars in person all over the World. Website: keyword Email: info(at)

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