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There are many professional carpet cleaning methods that carpet cleaning companies use, but the question most people ask is whether steam carpet cleaning or chemical carpet cleaning is better. When you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning service, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right company to handle all your cleaning needs, and knowing the difference between steam cleaning and chemical cleaning is important. Let us tell you which is better.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many companies that use steam carpet cleaning. They do this because it is a quick and easy way to get results, but they are not always the long lasting results you want. A steam carpet cleaning service cleans the top layer of fabric, but it doesn’t give you the perfect deep clean you are probably looking for. With steam carpet cleaning, chances are that you will have to have regular carpet cleaning sessions to get it cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning methods usually range from using some kind of chemical, to doing a full steam cleaning with a big machine. On top of all those choices there are thousands of stain types and most require certain chemicals and methods to remove them.

Let's talk about the various carpet cleaning methods you can implement, and what product is best to use for each method.

Steam Cleaning

This is perhaps the best way to clean your carpet, especially if it is really dirty. You can either hire a local carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpet, or just rent/buy a carpet steamer and do it yourself. If you hire someone locally to do it, usually they will come in a truck and have the equipment mounted on the inside, and run the hose from the truck into your home. Some local carpet cleaners will have a portable machine that they bring inside with them.

Steam cleaning your carpet means they spray detergent solution deep into the carpet at a very high pressure, and then immediately extract back out the loose dirt. Sometimes the machine can have rotary brushes that will really get down deep into your carpets pile, which some people may need done. How good your carpet looks after a steam clean depends on several factors. When it comes to the operator, either you or a local company, then it depends on the skill and experience they have in steam cleaning carpet.

If you are looking for a way to make the carpet steamer have better results, you should look at adjusting the solution temperature and make it hotter, plus you should increase the spray pressure. The vacuuming power itself is also very important since that is what removes the dirt after it has been loosened by the steam pressure. The best way to ensure great looking carpet after a steam clean is to take your time and move along slowly when cleaning it, so that you can be certain every bit of dirt has been picked up.

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