Stay away from undue sweating!

By: Mathew Dan

Excessive sweating is a very embarrassing disease, not only because of the fact it causes unease but also because it is very easily noticeable. Due to this disease the dress gets wet too often for comfort and needs to be changed. Frequent sweating can also damage high quality dresses and may cause it fade and have a worn out look.

Though it is not so common a disease it has been found to have a good rate of prevalence among the people. Excessive sweating can put you through emotional stress and lower the self confidence that you have. The symptoms can either be generalized all over the body or localized to specific parts. Common areas where Hyperhidrosis occurs include under the arms (arm pits), palms of the hand, sole of the feet etc.

If left untreated this disease may even last entire life time. Severe cases of Hyperhidrosis may even lead to situation where a person can have difficulty holding a pen, shake hand. Irrespective of the sex the disease can be hard to live with. Though the exact cause of the disease is unknown, some doctors claim that it is caused by the sympathetic over activity.

It is difficult to imagine the awkwardness that this condition can cause especially for those who have no experienced such a situation before. As an example consider a person who experiences excessive palm sweating. He may find it a herculean task to negotiate every day social situations (such as shaking hands) which require them to mingle closely with others. For most affected by the disease the constant tension regarding too much sweat in the palm affects not only their professional and social lives but their personal lives as well. More often than not these people tend to have lower self esteem and generally tend to remain isolated from their friends and peers.

There are a number of solutions to treat the diseases. Some use antiperspirants; others go in for natural therapy. But modern cosmetic medicine provides complete cure for the disease better and faster than any other medicine. The marvel of modern medicine Botox cures excessive sweating with out any secondary effects such as irritation. Botox uses an injection which disables the sweat glands locally. This inhibitory dose can last for 4 months to 9 months depending up on the nature of person, stage of the disease and the dosage involved.

Botox cures the menace of excessive sweating by inhibiting the glands involved in producing the excessive sweat. The Botox injection can be administered to cure both localized and general excessive sweating. Some companies even provide free consultancies to help out patients suffering from this syndrome. Botox aims to provide short term solution to patients suffering from the disease. Though such procedures are repetitive it does not have any side effects and can be done in a few minutes as it requires just an injection. This drug is safe and can even be safely administered for those suffering from other diseases. You can also look in to success stories of people who used Botox at various sites and look for right medicine yourself.

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