Starting an automated web hosting business

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Web hosting business has become one of the profitable businesses in the Internet world. Big companies such as Dell, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft have entered into website hosting business. Even new web hosting companies can sustain in the business by providing high-quality services at economical rates. Web hosting business should be backed with an automated infrastructure process, in order to create self-sufficient customers. The steps that are involved towards creating an automated web hosting business are as follows:

1) Create an ďorder formĒ facility:

The first part of your order form should contain the following facilities:
A) Domain information must be verified for completing the registration process.
B) The results which are entered should be checked for its true value.
C) The customerís credit card should be processed or Invoice will have to be
created. D) Customerís information should be entered into the billing database
for future usage.

The second part of the order form which is considered to be the backend of the
order form must be used for domain registration and generating of website
hosting account.

2) Administration based system:

This facility of administration system is important in order to organize ordered
accounts. You can then manually add or remove new domains, create new
passwords and much more.

3) Control panel which is used by end users.

Here, customers can manage their accounts. They can also create email accounts,
have a glance at website statistics.

4) Billing system:

You can have the provision of an automated billing system which can facilitate
emailing of invoices, change credit cards and even the billing system can also
have the ability to suspend overdue accounts. The system should also have the
ability to issue credit facility.

5) Tech-support utility:

This facility will automatically create an FAQ which can help customers to make
use of this system before he decides to submit trouble tickets. This sort of facility
can reduce tech support requests.

6) Pay Per Click:

You can list your website at the top of search engine results and thereby able to
reach large numbers of customers. Here, you donít pay for listing your site. You only have to pay when your listing is clicked by a user and gets connected to your website.

7) Hosting directories:

Hosting directories are basically websites that attract website hosting customers.
These hosting directories act as advertising medium. You can enjoy the benefit of
banner placement, search enhancement and different other forms of

8) Make use of your current client base:

If you own a web design firm, information postal or your business deals with
domain registration service, then you should then market to your current clients.
All you have to do is just send an email to your customers and thus generate a
large number of accounts.

9) Promote your new product and services:

On having a huge customer base, you should get into the habit of developing new
products and services in order to create additional income. However, quality is the
prime factor.

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