Starting a new business with Canadian government grants.

By: Alice Brooks

Putting up a new business venture is not easy, especially if you are depending on loans as part of your financing needs. Any experienced businessman would tell you that creating a new company would need a great amount of commitment as well as more cash than you ever bargained to spend. But even if you are so geared up to start your own business, this does not mean that you need to sink all your finances into it so it can be kept alive.

There are different avenues that you could take advantage for your business, and one of these is through Canadian government grants. There are different types of Canadian government grants. There are those that can be availed of by experienced business owners and those who are still planning to put up their own business. There are even those that are limited only to women entrepreneurs. So if you are starting a new business, whether this may just be just home-based or one that really has an office outside your home, then there is a business grant that is really meant for you. All you need to do is find out what it takes to be eligible for this grant so you can work at meeting the requirements set for it.

Just remember that applying for grants is very different compared to applying for loans, which would need a good credit rating and a sound financial background before you are given an approval. With grants, however, these are not essential. Canadian government grants for new business would need you to submit a grant proposal where the proposed design, plans, and outline of your business venture are presented. To make sure that you have a winning grant proposal, look into websites that provide information about grants that have been previously granted by the government.

If you will look into the programs that they provided funds for, you will be able to see what they want and tailor your business proposal to these. You also need to go over the eligibility criteria for getting a business grant and make sure that these have all been factored into your proposal. Aside from presenting your background, which is usually needed by applications for loans, show the people who are meant to approve your application what it is it about your business that it should be given a grant.

Make sure that before you send in your grant application, it already has all the factors needed for approval. Once you have done everything to make your grant application as seamless as can be, it is already time to just let the approving agencies do their work. However, this does not mean that you won't keep track of your application. There are now sites that let you track down the progress of your application for Canadian government grants, and you can look into them from time to time. Because getting an approval would mean a go signal for your business, you have to make sure that you always keep an eye on the ball. If your application gets approved, you will see that grants also come with additional perks that loans don't give out. These include tax credits and reductions that will be very good for your business.

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