Starting To Collect Transformers Figures

By: Jon Vie

Transforming robot toys have recently been a huge draw with robot fans young from the very early '80s when the original collection of Transformers toys came out, along with less successful production lines such as Gobots ( aka Robo Machines in some countries) and so on. The original Transforming robot toys, the Transformers, were themselves nothing less than adapted versions of a much earlier Japanese toy line, and when Hasbro adapted them for the english market, they enrolled the talents of writers Jim Shooter and Dennis O'Neil, who made the world and characters that an astonishing number of transforming robot toys collectors have loved since then.

In the years that followed the original surge of demand in these transforming robot toys, a few other various variations of the toon shows, tons of transforming robot toys ranges, animated flicks ( Transformers had one big screen movie out, while the Gobots had 2 flicks, one regarding their Rock-Lords offshoots), comic books, and all manner of merchandise. Transforming robot toys are the outlining parts of '80s favored culture, and after that decade they continued to collect a huge audience, which only grew as the original generation of fans had their own youngsters, who in turn discovered transforming robot toys for themselves.

Presently, transforming robot toys are big news once more thanks to the Transformers live action movies, the new Transformers animation series and other properties that have made a new demand in transforming robot toys all over the globe. Giant robots are showing up in more movies, video games and books, meaning the taste for transforming robot toys everywhere.

The idea behind transforming robot toys is easy and ingenious - a huge robot that may transform into a standard vehicle or another form is a easy idea which has been able to spark peoples interest all over the world for decades now. The concepts that you can grab a straightforward action figure toy, swivel parts and have a completely abstract thing in your grasp is a powerful one, and one that many of transforming robot toys fanatics will back up as the greatest toy idea of modern times. With transforming robot toys, there's much more entertaining to be had with the journeys that are possible, and because of these toys being so much in demand once more, there'll be transforming robot toys for a long time in the future.

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