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By: Karl Jackson

If you are interested in building a successful MLM (multi-level marketing) of your own, then you will want to locate the best MLM Leads to develop and enhance your business. In this context, MLM genealogy leads can be a brilliant way of taking your business to a much higher level. You can thus consider opting for some good genealogy leads generating company such as Low Cost Traffic who have an experience of 10 long and stable years owning a remarkable 22 million leads! They are on e of the leading source in low cost fresh MLM surveyed leads and MLM genealogy leads. With respect to MLM genealogy, they provide the lowest cost for the freshest MLM Genealogy!

MLM genealogy essentially comprises those names of people who have once been part of a company that is no more in business in the current situation. Such MLM leads are among the best leads in terms of building your downline since these are those people who have previously been part of a business and know exactly how to work such a business with minimal effort and training. Low Cost Traffic provides MLM genealogy leads at the best prices. They have introduced new 2009 MLM genealogy leads and are the low cost leader for such MLM leads.

Nowadays, obtaining good MLM genealogy leads is not very easy. Most lead generating companies after getting a list of such leads usually sell them to multiple purchasers. Since they get better payments for fresh MLM leads, they prefer to sell them very quickly. However, Low Cost traffic has some genuine offers for its marketers. They have introduced five brand new MLM genealogy leads for 2009! One of them is the StemTech 24,582 MLM Genealogy Leads which is a huge MLM Leads downline repository from Stemtech, a high-tech MLM nutritional company. It is perfect for recruiting for any nutritional MLM company or for any MLM and this list is full of experienced network marketers.

Sometimes even if you do not possess an exclusive list in genealogy MLM leads, it does not necessarily imply that it is completely useless. You need to be a little patient in such situations. There are quite a few MLM marketers who wait for around half a year to even one year before implementing such a list again. This method has often proved to be successful since many people in such lists may want to reconsider to rejoin the MLM world for various reasons. Low Cost Traffic has also released its Blue Diamond MonaVie List with 6,400 MLM genealogy leads which is from a "Blue Diamond" ranked distributor in MonaVie. It contains details of all 6400 people who joined MonaVie over the last 2 years. It comprises 8,100 MLM leads!

Low Cost Traffic is also the lowest cost leads provider for the freshest MLM surveyed leads that are only 1 to 7 days old and sell them for less than 1 penny each wholesale. You can thus incur a savings of up to 95%! Moreover, real time MLM leads are costly at 3.50 cent each, but if you purchase them from Low Cost Traffic, they are available at only 1 cent each whole after they are only a day old. So, contact them now by logging on to and get ready for the instant success.

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Karl Jackson is CEO of a 10 year old online Ad Agency Low Cost Traffic which offers fresh leads at the Lowest prices. Karl is a top Prime Leads Source. He has built organizations high as 200 million dollars in sales and help thousands of people. Karl has recently come aboard Resorts 360 Vacation Club and is on the Board of Directors. To learn more about Low Cost Traffic, visit and get more LEADS

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