Start Promoting Your MLM Online With The 5 Simple Tools Every Marketing System Needs

By: WarrenSmithMT

When you started marketing your network marketing company online, do you really think you knew what you were doing?

I sucked at the beginning too...I littered various social sites with thinly disguised offers that avoided any mention of a networking biz... until some poor sap went for the sugar coated proposition. Then I unloaded all my MLM biz's stats, promosies and whatever I could to

Let's summarize how successful that tactic was...A total waste of time!

For some reason I didn't realize that I was just another gnat swarming around in the over stimulating pages of internet advertising. I was annoyingly visible, but like the others, not worth swatting at.

Maybe you saw them... or still write ads just like them?

Company XYZ Looking For Hard Working People
Super start up opportunity
Incredible Earning Potential
e-mail [email protected]

If you've done this in the past or are still currently using ads like this...

Let's get this straight right now, THE MADNESS HAS TO STOP!

MLM success in the past was based on direct sales, telling everyone about your product or company the first time you met them - and every time after that too!

The best of the best today are using internet attraction advertising.

What is attraction marketing?

Direct sales is dead. Instead you provide value in who you are, attracting people who want to work with you. From this data base comes networkers who ask to join you with your primary networking biz.

Prospecting online is pretty straight forward.

You'll need a few tools that you use integrated in a marketing system.

1. First thing you'll need is a domain name. You are branding yourself, and collecting web traffic, and you definitely want your own domain name to direct your traffic to.

2. Capture pages. These are the personalized, pre-built, tried and true management systems that

3. Auto responder. automatically.

4. A system that is worth having pays for itself with affiliate markteing. Affiliates provide useful tools that your leads use, which pays for your marketing.

5.consistent daily plan, you're going nowhere.

You want your sales funnel consistently collecting leads. It's the basic reason for advertising. Once in, they are automatically marketed by your responder. When they contact you, or you contact them by their establishing enough trust to leave thier phone number, you have the chance to provide more value by helping them.

This establishes you as the leader who can help them build their own system. Just remember that during this entire relationship you are not going to spill all the There will become so many leads that those who really value you will start to come to you with their Mastercard out, twitching to join your business.

I encourage you to find a system, implement it and stick to it for 6 months. I guarantee it will be much easier, and lucrative, that what you're doing now.

Unless you are really looking forward to telling your kids you're going to the mall to chase strangers again this weekend...

Warren Smith
Get Ahead In Life Marketing Group
406 490-2556

I used to buy lead lists, cold call them, post flyers, walk the mall talking to strangers and more until I found this ebook that changed my life overnight

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