Start Potty Training – When And How?

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Do you wish that your child would come and let you know that he/she wishes to use the bathroom so that you can get your freedom from all those soiled and smelly diapers? It is not so simple and easy and takes a lot of patience when it comes to potty training. The phrase is easier said than done, thanks to the tantrums and stubbornness of children to begin with. All this is sure to drive you mad at home. Well relax and read along to know when and how to start training your child for the potty so that he/she stops troubling you.

While there is no specified magical age when you can start potty training it is usually done when your child displays certain characteristics which tell you indirectly that this is the right age and time to start with the training. Hence as a parent we need to observe the trend carefully. These include:

•Regularity in passing stools
•Ability to understand what you speak
•Able to convey their needs and wants in their own language
•Trying to copy your bathroom habits
•Provide signals through grunting or other squatting

Now that you are ready to start potty training lessons for your toddler, there is also a lesson that you should learn. It takes time to accept and adapt to this change, and until it happens patience is to be maintained throughout, no matter how troublesome the child can be. For some children it can even take weeks or maybe even months to understand the concept of not soiling the diapers and to understand the body urges for stools. Go slowly and at the pace that your child is comfortable.

Never pressure them. On the other hand try to handle the situation by telling your child stories and remind them gently time and again when it is time to use the bathroom. Motivation, rewards and encouragement can work wonders in getting them to do things. Let them learn to understand the bowel urges first.

Plan your whole activity called potty training before you even start. This should include things like:

•How and when to start?
•How to handle tantrums?
•Do I include rewards?
•When should I back off if it fails?
•Also include on how you would be handling accidents, if any occur.

Throughout the whole process of potty training, irrespective of whatever plan or method that you draft, do not forget to praise and applaud your child for his efforts and soothe / calm him with your love if he throws a tantrum. Getting to adapt to new thing can sometimes be quite harassing for a child and we need to understand this. While at the same do not overdo this part.

If your child falls in to the category of the tough ones who do not simply want to do it on the potty, do not get disappointed or angry. Instead, try and use some other creative methods for potty training.

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