Star wars universe is a whole new world of fictional toys

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Star wars universe is often known for its use of different types of advanced weapons. Many of the weapons are ship mounted often found on a combat aircraft, while some merchant vessels and non-combat spacecraft may have armaments to deter pirates. Ship mounted weapons may often range from laser cannons to turbolasers used with the sole purpose of defense. Some may also be armed with proton torpedoes to destroy the Death star. A ray gun is the most common weapon in the star wars universe usually termed as blaster. Many variations of blaster are used such as pistols, cannons, carbides, riffles and even machine guns.

One of the most common and well known blaster is the E-11 blaster riffle usually used as a standard weapon of the imperial stormtroopers. Many of those weapons have been modified from the real life blank firing prop guns. The star wars universe makes use of these fictional weapons in order to correspond with those of real-world armaments including mortar, land mines, launchers, shot guns and grenades. Certain of the grenades have a very extraordinary use like freezing organic matter and also destroying all the force sensitive beings within its radius.

Star wars universe also makes use of many types of melee weapons like staffs, swords, batons and whips. The use of lightsaber is very common in the film for presenting a dramatic combat sequences such as lightsaber combat. A Gaderffii is a durable bladed metal club very much similar to a flanged mace used primarily as a weapon of Tusken raiders. Other weapon like the electrostaff which very much looks like a staff, conducts energy fields and may cause severe damage to living tissue and also to inanimate objects. It is usually used by the bodyguards and are impenetrable to most weapons as they are made up of Phrik alloy. It could also withstand the attack of the lightsaber.

Other weapons include the amphistaff which is primarily and anti-personnel living weapon, whose scales can produce an edge harder than a diamond’s that could stop a lightsaber. It can also be wielded as a whip or flail. Other lethal class of melee weapons include Vibroweapons that could utilize a generator to create a supersonic vibrations. Such weapons can be made out of axes, knives, swords and pikes and may also exists in many different variations. These weapons are used by many different characters in the film in various mediums to combat war and maintain peace in the universe of star wars. No matter what type but they are all the weapons of the world of science fiction.

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