Star Deaths Linked To Xanax

By: Ben Pate

With the death of Whitney Houston being allegedly related to a Xanax overdose, more individuals than ever are starting to talk about the dangers connected with the drug. The drug, called alprazolam, is presently advertised under the name Xanax by numerous pharmaceutical companies and comes in an assortment of shapes and colors. The drug is regularly used to fight severe anxiety and if it is being abused drug rehabilitation is the only way to help. It's terrible to suffer from xanax addiction.


Normally, the drug is prescribed to be used on a short term basis. However, more and more commonly it is now being abused by people on a daily basis. Self-administration of any drug is dangerous. Xanax is certainly no different. Since the effects of Xanax are rather long lasting, the brain can quickly develop an addiction to it.


For several people, their anxiety that was initially the cause of them being prescribed Xanax turns into an anxiety that they must continue taking Xanax. Meaning, the have replaced one fear with another, except now they have a chemical addiction. Not a great trade-off anyway you look at it. Some people take Xanax as a sleep aid. This, of course, also can quickly lead to addiction as people find it impossible to sleep without the drug once their bodies have become accustomed to it.

Celebrity Addiction

Due to the fact that Xanax is prescribed to people who have trouble sleeping or problems with anxiety, it is easy to see how so many celebrities become addicted to the drug. They can rapidly become dependent on a drug that provides them sleep and relaxation from their hectic schedules. Unfortunately, an addiction to Xanax can have serious, long-term repercussions.

Warning Signs

There are many signs you can detect if you thing you or someone you know has an addiction to Xanax. Being constantly tired or sleepy, having an irregular pulse rates and extreme cravings for the drug are all common. Another challenge with Xanax addiction is the withdrawal symptoms a user has to face if they stop taking the drug. The only way to beat it is drug rehab center.

Experiencing Withdrawal

When you become addicted to Xanax you will at some point experience withdrawal symptoms. This can either happen at home or in a medical facility where you have professional supervision. Depression, nausea, and body shivers are all likely to take place when a person is going through Xanax withdrawal. While it is true that these symptoms may not be life threatening, you should still seek a medical professional.

How People Overdose

Xanax, when taken in moderation, can be a helpful drug for many users. However, many celebrities abuse the drug for their own benefit. Michael Jackson had large amounts of Xanax found in his system during his autopsy. Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose that included Xanax, as well. These are just two recent examples of celebrities succumbing to the effects of this dangerous drug. Countless other celebrities struggle everyday with addiction.

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Hollywood celebrities have many services at their disposal. Sadly, prescription drugs are very prevalent in their daily lives. Doctors readily prescribe Xanax to celebrities so they gain notoriety. What these doctors do not understand is that celebrities take these drugs with a combination of other drugs that have been prescribed by different doctors.

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