Stalking the Dollars with Ecommerce Web Designers

By: Mark Nenadic

Ecommerce web designers are specialists in web development. Their focus, obviously, is on ecommerce website design. The average individual may not realize that even amongst web designers, specialization is actually becoming more common. In fact, ecommerce is among the fastest growing marketplaces worldwide.

Ecommerce web designers are in high demand because the faster the marketplace on the Internet expands; the higher the need for professional ecommerce web designers grows. The need reflects the changing face of the Internet itself. Having once been a haven of the super geek or just those with a technological orientation, it is now being explored by everyone from students to retirees.

Putting a computer in every home may seem like a tale from Science Fiction, but like the television before it, computers and computer savvy are being bred into newer generations and not just those that are being raised. Since 1999, people fifty and older were the fastest growing demographic to start cruising the Internet superhighway.

With this new demographic growing every day and being joined by children, teenagers, college students, young professionals, stay-at-home moms and more, the need for faster, smarter and easier to use ecommerce websites escalates. The average person cannot imagine the world without an or an The first is only a little over a decade and the second is younger.

A decade to change the face of how commerce is conducted? Absolutely and ecommerce web designers know this better than anyone else. Ecommerce web designers are not just for the large corporate giants. Remember that started out as a website run by a man out of his garage and ecommerce changed the commercial tide away from the superstore giants and returned it to the hands of the mom and pop operations.

Have a great idea? Have a product to sell? Cater to a niche market? These are exactly the types of clients that professional ecommerce web designers cater to. They implement the tools, the streamlined functionality and the effective ‘prettiness’ of the ‘storefront’ on the Internet. Ecommerce web designers are not altogether different from interior decorators and engineers. Instead of a physical room, they are carving out a piece of virtual real estate and programming the bells and whistles to make it not only a charming place to shop, but also an easy one.

In every area of commerce, the impulse buyer provides a great deal of revenue whether it’s on the Internet or at the local mall. The impulse buyer in the mall may rethink their purchase if there’s a really long line at the checkout or if the salesperson is negative. The Internet buyer is 50% more likely to ditch an impulse purchase if the pages load slowly, if the mechanics don’t work or the shopping cart is clunky. Professional ecommerce web designers understand the need to fulfill the impulse shopper’s initial desire efficiently and seamlessly.

The talent of ecommerce web designers reflects well in the contentiously growing Internet marketplace. Retail giants like Barnes and Noble feeling the pinch of the upstart finally succumbed to retail pressure and opened their own online storefront. Other giants like Walmart, Target, Sears, JCPenney and more were all following suit. When revenue began to leave their retail chains for virtual storefronts, ecommerce web designers found themselves in a frenzy of work. For most ecommerce web designers, their work was cut out for them. Transforming a retail giant that invited people in to browse and shop into a virtual storefront where they could do the same thing is a gargantuan task that is ever evolving as stock changes, sales are instituted and seasons change.

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