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By: Mehendi

Sri Lanka is being socially and culturally enhanced and nowadays rich glimpse in our social living conditions could be seen. As a result currently young ladies and teens are showing great interests in making themselves prettier, well groomed and maintained. Mehendi art and nail art are few such aspects for which Sri Lankan women, despite of their ethnicity showing highest attention.

We at Farimza’sMehendi Art and Nail Art, by understanding our lovey ladies’ desires, have introduced various grooming and beautifying arts that will make them appealing and keep their selves high spirited. We offer Sri Lanka’s best Nail Art and Bridal and occasionalMehendiart which are creative and unique that are carefully designed and created with the true passion for beauty.

The concept of nail art begins with an eye for fashion that beautifies your finger and toe nails with beautiful colours and patterns. This art could be considered as an extension of manicuring. Our nail art at Farimza’s Nail Art consists of nail colouringand pattern making, artificial nail fixing as an extension of natural nails, acrylics that mixes powder and a liquid, UV topcoat or Polymen resin to strengthen the natural nails, and many more. We use high quality ingredients to ensure that our nail art is free from any danger for the customers and irritations and other skin complaints.

We use various nail art designs on our customers’ finger and toe nails to make them looking vibrant and vivid in colours. Even our designs are customized as per the occasion too. A bridal nail art is different from a night party nail art. Through our many us years of experience in the field we choose the best colour that matches your skin tone, nature of your make-up and shades, dress color and accessories colour to finalize the colour, design and pattern accordingly. Though it is your natural nail or artificial nails we do the designs perfectly to give the complete look for your fingers and toes.

We at Farimza’s Nail Art use three methods to beautify your nails such as freehand drawing with nail polish that allows bringing down vivid creativity into your 20 nails, air brushing using a stencil to create the perfect sharp designs and patterns on your nails, and pasting nail stickers to give the quicker and glossy look for your nails.

If we briefly describe our nail art process, the first and foremost step that we get involved is cleaning and shaping your nails as per the design that is already planned. Then we paint your nails with base coat, ideally a neutral color to start the job perfectly. Then we move on to drawing the designs and to protect the designs a protective coat of nail polish will be applied for durability. If our customers prefer we add glitter to the nail polish, tiny design stickers, and tiny jewels to the nails to give them a better attraction.

Try out Farimza’s Nail Art which isseductive and renowned as best nail art in Sri Lanka. We assure that each and every design that we do on nails are unique and exclusive.

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Sri Lanka is being socially and culturally enhanced and nowadays rich glimpse in our social living conditions could be seen.

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