Spiritual awakening with Gyan Marg

By: Monish Mansharamani

Spiritual Gyan, meaning spiritual knowledge, is an alluring aspect of the metaphysical beyond all worldly manifestations. Far off from being manifested by empirical worldly preaching, the essence of spiritual gyan lies deep in the divine. It is this more than anything that the true seeker of spiritual awakening needs to take cognizance of: for all the worldly knowledge, everything about spiritual awakening is within.

As much as spiritual awakening is internally transcendent, it can be greatly enhanced by a complementing approach towards exploring your spiritual pillars. Mystics from the Vedanta in particular have been a rich source of spiritual guidance and wisdom.

Much of that abstract wisdom makes the core of Sri Yoga Vasishtha, one of the most revered pieces of Indian philosophy sought by true seekers of all types. The original Sanskrit scripture runs into volumes, posing unsolicited linguistic and comprehension barriers. Gyan Marg, with its rich, abridged translation of the Sri Yoga Vasishtha, dispenses off all those barriers to foster your spiritual awakening.

Sri Yoga Vasishtha

Sri Yoga Vasishtha symbolizes the rich Indian spiritual heritage. The work, originally attributed to Sri Valmiki, recapitulates the dialogues between sage Vasishtha and a youthful Lord Rama faced with dejection.

The book is widely heralded as one of the classic spiritual paradigms, next only to the epic work of Indian mythology, the Ramayana. The e-version at Gyan Marg is a condensed replication of the original set of questions posed by sage Vasishtha, and the discourses that followed.

In his acclaim for Sri Yoga Vasishtha, the renowned Indian saint Swami Rama Tirtha in one his lectures delivered in the USA, said,” “One of the greatest books, the most wonderful according to Rama ever written under the Sun is ‘Yoga Vasishtha’ which nobody on the earth can read without escaping God consciousness.”

As a spiritual ebook, Sri Yoga Vasishtha manifests the essence of life and death, and meditating upon that propels the seeker on the path to spiritual awakening. An excerpt from the Sri Yoga Vasishtha reads, “For a seeker, both actions (karma) and knowledge (gyan) are as necessary as the two wings are for a bird.”

What makes Sri Yoga Vasishtha such a compelling piece of spirituality is its depiction of a young Lord Rama caught in an internal turmoil, and his seeking of transcendental knowledge. Though the conversations carry the message of attaining spiritual awakening, the natural progression of the context is far from didactic.

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