Spinal Cord Injury Types and Remedies

By: Addam Scott

Most of the back pains or spinal cord injuries are caused by lifting of loads or by prolonged sitting postures. Apart from these common factors, there are number of injuries that can be caused by collisions and traumatic falls. There has been large number of spinal cord injury cases occurring due to automobile accidents. There are also significant cases of injuries that are mostly due to falls, violent encounters and injuries from sports or incidents occurring at work.
Thus, there are greater chances of risk among people injuring their back, either due to sub-failure loads on spine’s connective tissues or trauma injury. However, the cases of trauma related spine injuries take place the least, but the damage caused due to the trauma can be fatal, resulting in total paralysis and other related spine problems. Penetration wound or single fall can impact the spinal cord which can result in numerous problems pertaining to ligaments, bones, discs and nerves that can affect the neck and back. To ensure that you get proper treatment for spinal cord injury, chiro Patterson NJ can help you with medical solutions for effective results.
Injuries to the bone are often related to fractures or dislocation of spinal column. Moreover, subluxation is another problem which can take place if the ligaments connected to the bones get strained, twisted or stretched causing misalignment of the vertebrae. This dislocation or misalignment can be taken care of with the help of chiropractic adjustments to realign the bones. If, the vertebrae in the neck region is fractured or dislocated, then the person affected can experience stroke like symptoms similar to the ones that occur due to damaged arteries.
Traumatic injuries are mainly of four types that affect the vertebrae or spinal cord. Each of these injuries have different effect on the bones, nerves and ligaments. Flexion injuries are the ones that can cause dislocations, fractures or subluxations. Next, rotational injuries that result in dislocation of the vertebrae. Extension injuries are the third type, that are mainly associated with fractures. The last type, compression injuries that are outcome of back trauma resulting in fracture. Apart from these, there is another kind of injury known as cauda equina, which involves disorder in the section where the vertebrae meets the pelvis. However, this one is not typically a Chiropractic newark NJ.
New Jersey chiropractic can identify the cause of the spinal cord injury depending effects on connective tissues or bone. Understanding the underlying causes of the injuries help chiropractors to find the solutions quickly for speedy recovery of the affected individuals. Each & every type of spinal cord injury have different paths of recovery and these paths depends on the severity of the problem.
The cases of trauma related spinal cord injuries are relatively less as most of the back injuries are caused by automobile accidents. However, patients having back problems related to fall, sports collision, violent accident or spinal cord injury may take long time to recover, but Chiropractic Union NJ ensures that proper treatment is provided to the patients for speedy recovery.

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