Spider Vein Treatment Ė What Are The Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

By: Nicholas Hedge

Spider Veins are not just a superficial problem; they could very well be an indication of an abnormality with veins underneath. Hence, consulting a specialist is advisable. Included in the symptoms of spider vein are pain, itching, aching, restless leg syndrome, and heaviness of the leg. What would be the appropriate treatment plan is ascertained through what is known as a pre-treatment assessment. †If spider veins are untreated then the associated problems could flare up leading to further complications like blood clots and instantaneous bleeding. There are quite a few treatment options to remove spider veins, gather knowledge about the treatments and how would one be benefited.

Sclerotherapy can be done in no time at all. This is a painless procedure and requires injecting a solution into the abnormal vein which is a trigger for the vein to prevent the flow of blood. With blood not flowing into the vein, the vein collapses and the body absorbs it. This, along with other treatments combined, would lead to producing the best results. Once the procedure is complete, patients are prodded to get on with their regular activities, including walking to help increase the blood flow through the other veins.
Benefits of Sclerotherapy

The first and foremost benefit of this treatment is obviously eliminating ugly spider veins. Then there is relief from symptoms ever occurring again. The treatment itself does not require hospitalization as it is in-office. Moreover, itís more or less painless without leaving any scar and normal activities arenít hampered. The patient undergoes the treatment without a hitch and is let go the very same day and the patient does not have to face any complications caused by the treatment.
†Laser Therapy

The CoolGlide laser system is a non-invasive technology using long wavelength light energy for the elimination of tiny spider veins. The pulse from the light energy causes blood clot thereby destroying the vein. The destroyed vein is absorbed by the body causing the blood flow to redirect through other veins.
Benefits of Laser Therapy
The obvious benefits of laser therapy in spider vein treatment are elimination of ugly spider veins. Laser therapy is an effective way of eliminating facial veins as well without leaving any bruises. As this therapy is non invasive, there arenít any injections required. Therefore, itís a painless, in-office therapy.

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