Spend your summer effectively in 5 fantastic ways

By: Gabriella V

Check the list below for our suggestions for making this summer holiday a totally different one. We have also included some pros and cons for each way to help you decide which would be right for you.

1/ Beach trips: What can be "more summer" than a long white beach + green palm trees + yellow sunlight? It's an amazing experience that you will get when you move away from busy city life for a few days to enjoy beach activities such as surfing the waves, or playing beach volleyball with your friends; or just leisurely lying on the beach - feeling the soft sand, and letting the wind from the sea gently caress your skin- can simply delight your summer days.
Pros: Relaxing, getting naturally tan, getting back in shape
Cons: Sunburn, possibility of dehydration and sunstroke, bad weather could spoil it

2/ Mountain and forest adventure: Mountain climbing and forest picnic trips will purify your body and refresh your mind. The fresh air at top of the mountains will definitely improve your health. The stillness of the forest is the best environment for meditating, and bringing you closer to nature. It's a great place for relaxing, or to have a free, wild summer of hiking and adventure in the great outdoors.
Pros: relaxing, good for health,
Cons: Getting lost, possibility of injury, being extra careful with the campfire, and watching out for wild animals

3/ Earning money with a part-time job: "What? I've been studying for the whole year. I need to rest," you say? Calm down! If you don't like it, just skip this one. But you know what? Studies show that a part-time job will help students to be more confident and to improve their time-management skills. Not only will it produce a paycheck, giving you more independence, it will also give you the chance to get some real-life experience (and professional training, in certain cases). So try to find a part-time job if you want a "productive" summer!
Pros: Earn real-life experience, pay your bills, and become more independent and self-confident
Cons: Loss of hangout time with friends, you will have to stay committed to the job, loss of vacation time

4/ Becoming a volunteer in a charity: Help the community and spend a meaningful summer. These kinds of jobs will bring you a real life experience, where you can come in contact with less fortunate, grateful and sincere people. You will find new friends, make new relationships, and gain respect from other people; not to mention that these activities will also help you contribute to your future career profile. Many employers tend to recruit people who have a big heart rather than those who are cold with a big brain.
Pros: kindness and happiness, making more good friends, focusing on others rather than yourself
Cons: lack of remuneration for your efforts, focusing on others rather than yourself

5/ Sharing your happy times with friends: Okay, so you are planning a good summer time for yourself. Don't forget your friends. Update your activities on Twitter, or post a couple of images or self-made videos on Facebook. It's fast and easy, and keeps you close to your friends, no matter how far you are from each other. Be sure to make your creations as sparkling and beautiful as the originals. To do that, enhance your work before sharing it with a couple of touches to the background music, the voice, or the sound of your videos. If you are not sure which tools can help you doing that, take a look at the software list at www.cnet.com or, simply go to www.audio4fun.com, a website for cool audio and video editing software.
Pros: Low cost, best convenience as you are staying at home, lots of fun
Cons: This indoor activity is able to cause addiction, boredom, and the feeling of same-old same-old.

Have a Fun Summer!

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