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Shamanism: Connecting With The Spirits

The followers of shamanism believe that there is an invisible energy that connects all existence in this universe. They believe that they are a part of the nature, and not separate from it.

Shamanism is not the system faith or beliefs, but has knowledge and is directly tested first hand by a person’s senses. Shamanism was always a manner to live bus of human on our planet ground, in balance in ourselves as well as the world of which we form a part.

The fundamental aspect of shamanism is the entrance into the world of spirits, a place of casualties, the vigorous matrix or sources of the material world. Animism led to the development of Shamanism. In ancient times, there were animists and shamans who believed that all things have spirits.

The world ‘shaman’ owes its origin from a Siberian word and in due course became applicable to the medicines in which soul flights are involved. Anthropologists, who were engaged in the studies of indigenous cultures of the world over, started realizing that men and women from different cultures have similarities in the manner they work with the healing process and connecting it to spiritual aspects of world and its people.

When they removed the reference of cultures, they came to reveal a core practice system, which came to be known as Shamanism. Therefore, Shamanism means practicing this core system either for the purpose of healing or for gaining spiritual knowledge. Sometimes it is also studied with reference to the cultures and sometimes without it, but the core nature of the practice remains unchanged.

It has to be understood that shamanism is in no way a religion, but has been practiced by populace of different religions including Judaism, Hinduism as well as Christianity. There are shamanic practitioners in every religion. In other words, shamanism is the direct familiarity with the spiritual knowledge. As it applies directly into all natures of work, it facilitates the growth of every religion.

The healing practice provided by shamanism is extremely powerful, and has affected the people recorded in the history and has been doing so today also. The reason for it being so powerful is that each procedure is customized according to the individual needs of the person being healed. The western type of medicine tends to find one medicine that may work for many, but shamanism provides exclusive treatment to each individual, holistically addressing the person’s requirement at a particular point of time.

Shamanism is a practice that is shared by people all over the world with a fundamental cosmology, which cuts across all the cultural customs and differences.

Currently, shamanism is enjoying a phase of revival in the western world, especially in the health techniques, which actively recognize the spirit and mind of the people and help them in healing their illnesses and maintaining their wellness. There have been a large number of people who have found their health solutions in shamanism, whether mental, emotional or physical. Many holistic centers are also using the principles of shamanism for their patrons.

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