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Would you like to obtain a Speedbådskørekort (or commonly known in English as speed boat license)? Do you want to be able to operate a boat and to finally go on that much awaited vacation in the Caribbean? Then why don’t you take immediate action and sign up for some excellent courses that would help you get a Speedbådscertifikat? If you are interested to find a good school that would offer excellent training and materials, then do not hesitate to go to DKSP.dk!

To get a Speedbådskørekort or a Speedbådscertifikat it is of utmost importance to go to a proper speedboat school. Luckily for you, Danish Speedboat School is a terrific school that has been set up in March 2000 by Simon B Poulsen and Klaus Dark, two sail and powerboat enthusiasts who have a lot of experience in teaching. Having decided to combine their passion with their profession, they started this excellent and highly spoken of Copenhagen based school. Providing Speedbådskørekort, amazing safety courses, proficiency Speedbådscertifikat and really great lessons, as well as materials, this fantastic team can certainly help you achieve your goal and can teach you how to operate speed boats.

After a lot of time in the Navy, Simon B Poulsen and Klaus Dark examined closely what was the right way to teach powerboat enthusiasts and what type of courses they should create. Knowing clearly that it is of utmost importance to own a Speedbådscertifikat if you exceed the age of 16, they started to focus on designing easy courses that would enable people to learn in a fast and efficient manner. In order to make it easier for all the students, Danish Speedboat School can allow them to pay online or in the day of the course. You must know that this is without a shade of doubt the cheapest school in Denmark. However, you have to keep in mind that the instructors of Danish Speedboat School are 100% professional, serious and have years of experience.

Aside from offering Speedbådskørekort and Speedbådscertifikat, you should also know that this fantastic school has managed to help the maritime industry by providing high quality training materials with the help of the Norwegian company Seilsikkert.no. These excellent materials are used all throughout Denmark and Norway in order to help professionals in the maritime industry and in educating sailors. If you are curious to know more about these materials, then feel free to visit the school’s ingenious website, namely DKSP.dk! You ought to know that you can also download them from the website.

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Have you constantly been thinking about obtaining a Speedbådskørekort or commonly known as “speed boat license” in English? Do not worry and take the matter into your own hands now! Go online, to DKSP.dk , and read all about a fantastic and highly spoken of school that can offer you high quality courses and training materials so you can finally get that Speedbådscertifikat! Do not hesitate to get in touch with the members of Danis

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