Spearfishing Accessories You Mustn’t Overlook

By: Lincoln Davis

When entering into the realm of extreme and competitive sports, it is always best to come fully prepared for anything and everything. Whether your kind of sport takes you to the air, land or sea, you must have all the necessary gear that you need to ensure you become a success at that sport, or at least considered an expert at it.

These days, fishing has become more than just a leisurely weekend activity that you do with your Dad or Grandpa. It has decidedly become more intense although it has been done by most people since the dawn of ancient civilization. From being a means to provide sustenance and a source of livelihood, spearfishing has become a world-class competitive sport, an extreme hobby that entails not just excellent hand-eye coordination but above par swimming and diving skills as well. To those who are newbies in it, no pressure.

With the sea’s ever-changing environment, smooth one minute then rough the next, it is very important, in fact necessary, for a diver to be fit for spearfishing. Newbies to the sport are recommended to undergo complete medical evaluation as those who have been affected or are currently diagnosed with any lung, respiratory or heart diseases cannot be allowed to engage in it, as well as those with middle ear disease or perforated ear drums.

For those who are physically fit, it is recommended that you incorporate road jogging, pool work and circuit training into your daily workouts to meet the high physical demands of the sport, which is being able to stay for at least 6 hours underwater and able to swim in rough seas and strong currents. At the very least, you should be able to swim 200 meters without using fins and need to be able to recover in the fastest possible time between dives. You can visit Spearfishingproducts for handy tips for the best spearfishing experience.

Talking of having the best spearfishing experience, no one but no one goes into an extreme sport like this unprepared. Sure, you got your dive suit, your mask, your fins, your weight belts, your spear gun, your snorkel but that’s just a fourth of the entire process. In activities like these, the little things matter a lot and in spearfishing, those would be your floats, spear gun rubbers and flashers. They enable you to spearfish smoothly and safely. Without them, you might as well not engage in spearfishing as you may not last long enough to be an expert at it.

So you ask, where can I find spearfishing flashers, floats and spear gun rubbers and how do I choose the best ones? First off, you need to understand why you need these accessories and look them up on sites that offer the most detailed and accurate information on them. With spearfishing’s popularity rising to meteoric heights, it is only natural that everybody has something to say about it, has some tips, advice and suggestions to give like the spearos on sites like Spearfishingproducts.com.au who recommend that you buy floats that keep you from losing your spear gun in the water and other important spearfishing gear.

It also helps keep other divers or boats from running you over, as well as pinpointing your exact location because they usually come in highly visible colors so you can be easily seen. Also, you can use these floats to rest and recover in between dives. You can check Spearfishingproducts.com.au for spearfishing float and learn more about how to buy the best ones.

Spearfishing flashers on the other hand, helps attract fish to go near your location. They are stickers usually made of shiny material like reflective, holographic film that you can stick at the end of your spear guns and the tips of your fins to catch a fish’s attention and to enable you in turn to catch them easily as well. Flashers can also come in the form of high visibility winders and cuta flashers that are designed to attract large pelagic fish, snoek flashers on the other hand, attract medium-sized pelagic fish and prism film can also attract pelagic fish and reef fish.

And lastly, spear gun rubbers are something you need to have a lot of on hand if you are to have a successful hunting trip. They play an important role in the power, range and accuracy of your shots so you need to make sure you use the right ones for your spear gun model because they are designed with high tensile strength and elasticity that is the source of your power and are made with rubber specifically designed to resist damage from saltwater and UV rays. To have the best you need to get it from the best. So read up on more about spearfishingproducts so you can discover why they are the best source for everything and anything about spearfishing.

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