Soothe your Taste Buds with Popular Gourmet Coffee

By: Malcolm Odom

Do you feel like a zombie when you wake up in the morning? Well, then having a cup of hot, delicious and fresh coffee is worth considering. It plays a vital role in refreshing the mind when you are stressed and keeping you active and energised all throughout the day when you are tired with your hectic work. Moreover, it stimulates the senses, balances the energy levels, lowers the risk of diabetes, strengthens the muscles, keeps the skin glowing and keeps the reproductive system happy.

Nowadays, these magical coffee beans have not only become an addictive necessity, but are also a welcoming treat! You can experiment with all sorts of variations and make your favourite booster beverage tastier and more succulent. This article gives you a chance to soothe your taste buds in a unique and delicious way. Following are the lists of popular, interesting and gourmet coffee that will entice you completely.


The name says it all! This coffee is to be freshly prepared and consumed immediately. The rich and aromatic coffee beans are roasted until they are dark and oily looking. It needs a very little brewing time and if everything goes down well, you will come across a slightly thick and dark brown liquid with the golden brown crema (foam) on the surface. Serving it with the steamed and frothed milk will make the whole lot of difference in taste.

Though, the preparation of this coffee needs your great care, skills and attention, you can make a perfect brew if you have that passion to learn.


Cappuccino is an easy to make beverage with no proper skills or equipments required. It is silky delicate, smooth and sensational in appearance. However, for a twist, you can sprinkle cocoa powder, cinnamon and ground nutmeg after preparation is over, as per to satisfy your coffee desire!

Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato is a coffee beverage that means "stained milk" in Italian. To prepare this coffee, you need a cup of hot milk along with the creamy milk foam which is then imbued with the sumptuous flavors such as caramel and vanilla syrup. Undeniably, gourmet enthusiasts will be delighted to see the spectacular result in the end.

Cafe Mocha

Cafe mocha is the combination of little chocolate, one third of espresso and two third of steamed milk. This luxurious beverage is usually served in a typical tall, glass mug. The mixture of coffee and chocolate is simply delicious in taste. Gourmet coffee lovers will enjoy this beverage tremendously.


Americano coffee can be called as a brewed coffee or the filter coffee. It is highly popular beverage in U.S. and Northern Europe. It has a rich taste and aroma that will make a coffee lover extremely happy about. You can certainly savour on it anytime as per your requirement. To give it a little twist, adding ice would be the best alternative. This will change the taste and make it more yummilicious!

Instead of standing in a long queue in any coffee shop, start preparing for this amazingly delectable, enriching and luxurious different type of coffee at home. This will help a coffee lover to get a heavenly experience!

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