Some tips about buying a healthy bra

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For women, everyone wants to have beautiful breasts forever. However, in our daily life we can often hear some female friends say that their chest is well-developed before they get married ,but the two breast become squeezed after they have boren children, and feed the milk .They always feel puzzled about this .Some 20 year-old unmarried female, also have the problem of breast flat or droop. There are many reasons that can result in this kind of consequence . Mainly we can say that the factors are by gravity, pregnant lactation, lack of maintenance and inappropriate underwear dressing ,etc .Among them, whether you bave wore underwear correctly or not , especially the bra wearing , is very important for the health of the breasts.
As for the breast, who has the best directly health care function is a close-fitting bra .A suitable Bra do not only has good supporting effect for the breast, and also can make the female body curve more perfect. However , if you have had a wrong choice , it will bring about many and many problems ,such as causing breast extruding, impeded haemal circulation or the consequence of drooping because of underpin powerless .Even more ,if you keep this kind of condition for a long time hence, it will lead to breast deformity or even cause worse consequences, such as headache and backache. Then you will feel not so good ,and then it may influence your state, your mood and even more .
We can often see that some female friends, once they are going to buy a bra they just take one bra that looks "nice" , and lie it in the chest circumference across the clothes,and then probably they almost buy it. They just know they qre to wear 75CM or 80CM (which is just under size of the chest circumference), and despite the cover cup size and the depth .Some girls even don’t know that we had A, B, C, D etc cover cup series concept.We should know that it is that bad if you choose cover cup not according to your breast size, too small cup size can oppress your breast, causing breast fat to overflow, transfering to alar and abdominal, and then form the flat chest. Especially the seemingly "tall" thick sponge bra, is with more ppressio . If cover cup is too large, it can not support to enough effective torsten force, the breast will be feebly prolapse.
Therefore, you’d better not to buy a bra if there is no professional guidance, without close-fitting measurements of your body size, without trying them on .It will at least destroy your beauty state, even endanger your health.

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