Some opinions of a professor in Tsinghua university

By: Sylvia

About love:
Donít give up your love because of the distance. Love can go with you by train.
Donít give up your love because of his povery. Diligence can make you rich in the end, only if the two of you try your best.
Donít give up yout love just because of your parentsí disagreement. You will find the love given up for this reason makes you feel regretful all the life.
In fact, for love to say, the purer the better. One love for a life is the best, for the more you go through, the number you will get. If you break up more often, you are sure to ge used to it. It is dangerous. Finally, you will not believe in love.

About partner:
He is not the man who swears that he wants to marry nobody but you, but the man who knows you have a lot of shortcomings but still chooses you.
He is not the man who loves eating cucumber just because you love it, but the man who eats egg yolk while you have the protein.
He is not the man who enters the big restaurant with you in the evening, but the man who waits for you patiently to eat what he makes.
He is not the man who always talks love with you, but the man who often talks daily events sweetly.

About friendship:
One day, love met with friendship and asked her:#ďWhy are you here for I have existed?Ē Friendship said smilely:ď love makes people cry, the reason why friendship exist is that she helps to dry their tears.Ē Friends are the people who share the happiness and sorrow with you every now and then. They remind you that when you are down, donít forget to tell them. They give you their hands when you are in trouble at any time. The definition of a friend is that we are friends, thatís enough.

About life:
Life is like a dream for time is cold without feelings. No matter you are rich or poor, no matter you gain or lose, We all shall have the end of their lives. Therefore, simle at your life whoever you are.
Life is like a train ticket without return. You should remain it carefully.
Life is like a grand show without the rehearsal, every scence is live. You should play your role with your whole heart. Grasp present, enjoy your life!

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