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  It was used to a cup of tea after a meal, believe that tea can go to the rich, an aid to digestion. But tea into the stomach would dilute the gastric juice, impede digestion. And tannic acid in tea and coagulation of proteins into easily digested, influence the digestion and absorption of proteins. Chinese's people often "a cigarette after meals, live game gods" idea. Medical studies have found that 1 cigarette after meals, in which HIV is greater than the usual 10 smoking, because after a meal of gastrointestinal peristalsis to strengthen, accelerate the blood circulation, greatly strengthened the body's ability to absorb the smoke.

  China's popular "hundred steps after a meal, live to be 99," saying, but it is not scientific, especially for the elderly and even more so. After dinner when are gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients, require more blood supply for their creeping. If games immediately after meals to reduce gastrointestinal blood supply, effect of digestion and absorption, is not conducive to good health and full of food in the stomach after meals, the weight increase, if immediate activities, easily lead to gastroptosia or abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. The right way is half an hour to one hour after meals and activities for the due and vigorous exercise is not done. "Eat a bath, there is an aid to digestion," habits, there is no scientific basis. After eating the bath, especially hot-water bath makes the skin blood vessels to dilate, to accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and extremities, gastrointestinal blood flow will be less secretion of digestive juices less digestive function affected.

  Some residents in the home often as napkins to use toilet, this is very unhealthy. Volumes simply waste of paper usually contains a large number of bacteria, such as books, newspapers made of oar, although after disinfection, but there may be a considerable part of the residue of pathogenic bacteria in it. If there are no special requirements, allowing each hundred grams of paper has more than 600 of the bacteria. But in fact, treat the Web as napkins used, a large number of bacteria enter the body, many invisible intake harmful substances, is very harmful to health. So, don't try to do things the easy way, and keen on gaining petty gains, treat the Web as napkins used. Today's meal at the dinner table-top drinks phenomenon is using the mask, this harmful to health. Digestion and absorption of food through the gastric acid, pepsin to complete, if a drink before dinner or meal will be diluted, diminished digestion, reduce appetite.

  Eating too fast can be a very bad habit. Eating is essential to life, is also a pleasure. Food and stay a little more time in your mouth, chew, you can taste a variety of tastes. Chew can also promote the secretion of digestive juices, food, and mix saliva, promoting digestion, increase appetite, may also make the food becomes small, will help further digestion and absorption. People who eat too quickly, not only a waste of nutrients in the food, also cause dyspepsia and chronic gastrointestinal disease.

  If a meal before eating riceto eat fruit, slowdigestion of starch, protein blocks digestive fastfruit, a variety of foods mix itself in the stomach, would allow the normal digestive process is blocked. Fruit under the hightemperature of 36 °c in the bodyis perishable and produces toxins thatimpact health. So, put downand chopsticks in ahurry to eat fruits would be extremely wrong should be eating fruits after one hour.

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