Some different customs in the Brazil

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Brazil national hard-working, serious, earnest, confident and full of pride and optimism, people's moral values are increasing, for anarchism, lazy, stealing and other bad behavior touching noses, we all want to discipline, the establishment of an orderly society. For most Brazilians, the family is still the most wonderful life in the most precious thing. It is now respected on their own hard work and effort getting rich, praised the poverty of the Catholic Church is constantly losing believers. Hard-working, kind of Brazilians knew that life is not easy, but they feel confident and optimistic about the future, I believe that in the near future, Brazil will become a world power, and power.

With other Latin American countries, Brazil young men and women have full freedom of mate selection. With the development of society, the Brazilian comes to love, marriage has undergone great changes. They have little formal attention to the "integration", while the same value on both emotional."Well then together, not the casual" is the most common creed young men and women in Brazil. They would rather love a long time, and never hasty marriage. Failure to perform marriages and cohabiting with the proportion rising living together for many years announced their separation a lot of people, and thus also increasing the number of illegitimate children, to families and society a lot of trouble. Many young women living with illegitimate children, is very difficult. Of course, there are a large number of couples living together a few years later in follow-line marriages, couples become legal.

Many Brazilians are still very strong idea of the door first, the marriage of the two families belong to many cases of a class in order to enhance the strength of their families. Attached great importance to the innocent Brazilian girls, which is open to the Western countries are very different. Girls at home are under strict control, and one adult have been in marriage. Some girls were sent to the convent, in order to avoid deviant behavior. Young men and women must attend a two-week pre-marital education before marriage. The main content of marriage education code of conduct is the principle of dealing with people, marriage, morality and sexual health. After learning who pass the examination, obtain a certificate of registration of marriage certificate before the book. Unauthorized access to the certificate is not married, their children are not recognized by the law, school, inheritance problems can occur.

The majority of Brazil people believe in Catholic. Church scorn on divorce, divorced persons are not allowed to participate in the sacraments, the phenomenon of so very few divorced couples. If the two sides adhere to the divorce court decisions that have to wait three years after the entry into force, but only from a Brazilian married life, is not allowed to second. Many Brazilians strong family values, in rural and remote areas, the upper and lower generations living together are common.

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