Some considerations about the Underwear

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The first woman is not wearing underwear, but in a classical ballet of the stage, the actors accidentally fell, it would be awkward, since the government began explicitly women take to the streets to wear underwear. Therefore, the underwear was used to block the first, but now times are changing, popular in the changing people's attitudes are changing, the use of underwear becomes broad. But I think underwear is essential to daily life. Panties and bra plays the same role, to protect our women, but bra protects the upper part of the body, and medical protection of the lower half. Choose the right underwear and a good clean it is essential.
We come to look at some considerations about underwear.

1. An underwear change. Underpants to change every day, every day, wash, wash time. Women do not have male genitals as more vulnerable to bacteria, so the change down to the day of clean underwear, or likely to breed bacteria, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. In addition, many insects, like women's underwear, very troublesome;
2. Wash the underwear. Underpants generally relatively small, the friction to increase the density, the proposed clenched with the thumb and index finger, fine hand-launder, so that it washed clean and thoroughly; lotion to soap, utensils, preferably dedicated, cold water is best; clean underwear, avoid direct exposure. Should be dried in the shade, and then placed in sunlight disinfection. Otherwise, the underwear easily stiff, the deformation
3. Do not wear tight underwear. Women's vagina, urethra, anus are very close, tight dress pants, easy and vulva, anus, urethra frequent friction generated, so that the dirt in the region (more than for the anal, vaginal secretions) in the bacteria into the vagina or urethra, causing urinary or reproductive system infections.
4. Should not wear dark-colored underwear. As vaginitis, cancer of the female reproductive system, vaginal discharge becomes turbid, and even with red, yellow, these are diseases of the signal. If you can find early and early treatment of these phenomena, we can get better results. If you wear dark underwear flowers or patterns too, canít be timely vaginal lesions were found, it could delay the disease.
5. Should not wear synthetic underwear. Though cheap, poor permeability and moisture absorption are not conducive to the perineum tissue metabolism. Combined vaginal and perineal gland secretions less volatile, the day was hard, wet vulva. This warm and humid environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can lead to inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

As women have to develop good health habits, to regularly wash underwear, clean my body, let yourself from the threat of gynecological inflammation, enjoy a better life.

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