Some Tips about Taking photo for Pet

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Many photographers like to pick up a camera and photographed the good things and people around, note the beautiful warmth of the screen. When your lens is your pet cat or dog, to get a better photo results, I can share a few tips:
To make beautiful pet photo, the key is to grasp their personality. When you find these cute little animals doing something unusual or interesting action, you can capture at any time. For example, the kitten or puppy love leisurely lying in the sunshine, you can note the gesture they asleep. We should be forced to put out than they are even more impressed by the attitude of people. Do not forget to take close-up photos with close-range shot, if your pet is away from your lens too close, they will certainly not like the model or pose gracefully like a big star waiting for you to take pictures.
Photograph the dark hair pet
It is more difficult to photograph the dark hair Pet, so taking pictures for them to shoot you must pay attention to the background appears brilliant. In addition, the shooting of pets and other objects taken as the position of the shadow should be noted that, with care not to let pets flash a "red-eye." In the brighter place you neednít to use flash, if you must use the flash, make your pet's eyes directly not at the camera, which can avoid "red eye" phenomenon. In a few puppy or kitten for the filming of "group picture", the best to put them in a basket, so they snuggled each other, so you can easily adjust the shooting distance. If you want to align the eye lens pet can call their name lightly or toy with a sound to attract their attention. In order to capture the ideal photo, you not only to prepare enough film, but be prepared to be patient, because you have to appreciate the animal pictures are all professional photographers have spent a lot of energy and time after the photographing.
Photograph family pets
Shooting family pets, we must first understand their living minds, seize an air of special characteristics to take photo, accompanied by the appropriate props, more elegantly arranged a clean environment, be patient, citing their demeanor, comes naturally to shoot interesting pictures.
Photographing tool is also very important, close-up shots, you can use standard lens. However, some animals, only long-distance shot to be equipped with the focal length, long focal length lens, and even ultra-long focal length lens, or use the zoom lens, according to the action push and pull action, even more convenient. When using the zoom lens, are generally required due to the weight of large on a tripod to prevent the shooting jitter. Shutter speed should be higher.
Such as photographing puppies, kittens, to seize their lovely and temp, the posture ridiculous characteristics to photograph. Also note the color of their fur, select the appropriate background to set off, not to be overshadowed by the background clutter, such as black or dark shooting animals should choose a bright background. All white and pale shooting animals, deep dark background should be selected so as to highlight the subject of animal fur. Can also with appropriate props, such as playing ball and ladder and other, showing their naughty demeanor. You can combine the photograph with some performances and let the pet play with children or adults to film, showing a harmonious environment with family members.

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