Some Tips On How To Clean The Kitchen

By: Jamoel Myers

It is calculated that approximately 10 million cases a year are reported in the UK for food poisoning. Around 80% of the cases are bacteria and virus related stemming from pets, people, raw foods, and water. It should be noted that small]that minimal exposures to these bacteria and virus' can be managed by our body's immune system. High level of exposures though can be detrimental to health. The harmful effect is all attributed to incorrect food handling, storage, cleaning or lack of, and poor hygienic upkeep in such a vital area as the kitchen.

Gathering and having]Putting all tools and cleaning items ready is our initial step when undertaking kitchen clean up. Making a good effort in preparing all supplies ready in a carry-all bin will ease our job and save us the time from searching the house to locate these stuffs. The goal is to get in and out while still achieving a thorough clean.

To increase productivity and fastness, devise a cleaning scheme. Identify which locations you will start from and avoid backtracking or doing the task twice. I work my way around the kitchen counter clockwise, cleaning everything wholly before moving to the next location.

In terms of counter-tops, there are various agents available for application. The trouble is, not all counter-tops can employ the same cleaners, and some may get dented because of improper cleaning item or procedure. It is recommended to initially verify with manufacturer recommendations on the appropriate agenst you can employ. Generally a multi purpose cleaner will do just as good a job as a special cleaning agent and apparently, I rely on this for my own use.

The sink will often need at least two different cleaning products: an all purpose cleaner for cleaning faucets, and water release handles and a powder type cleaner for scrubbing down the sink. MAke sure to start at the rim of the sink, then move onto the faucets, and then down into the actual sink itself.

The last place when cleaning the kitchen, if your working direction is from top to bottom will be the floor. Before mopping your floor it's advisable to do a thorough sweep of the area to discard unnecessary debris that might be dangling around. After sweeping, for a thorough clean of your flooring it's good to give it a good scrub down with a mop or sponge mop.

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