Some Representatives of the graffiti culture

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Introduce two representatives of graffiti art, Jean-Michel Basquiat(1960-1988) and Keith Haring(1958-1990), they are "street" background.
Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York, is the real growth in the New York painter. He often painted the characters were flat, positive, very simple outline, and the exposed part of the bones and organs. And often a simple, painted with pigments (only his eyes are blank with the mouth) of the graphical representation of himself. His reputation in the international set up quickly and to increase the speed of a meteor in 1987, then he organized the first solo exhibition in New York, and thus became the first New York "Time Magazine" cover black figure artists, and attracted the attention of Andy Warhol .The two subsequently launch a series of collage and graffiti. Later, the concept of graffiti across the Atlantic was far accepted by European artists, Shepard Swiss street fashion brand fee "Obey Giant" graffiti on the unique design style.

Harlem character has drawn the line is simple to form, no face, fingers, sex, major themes including dogs, hugging people, pyramids, and flying objects. Someone once asked him what the paintings mean, he had the following answer: "It's your job to decide. I only paint." Later, the works of Harlem has close ties with business, in the "Art Space" on He made a detailed introduction, his work can be sold for $ 350,000, and to help sell their brand of clothing and cheap goods become millionaires. Now, the streets of Harlem to create the image of graffiti has become very popular in modern Western society shape, in the calendar, in the handbag pattern on the breast in the T-shirt back, everywhere.

Today, graffiti has become an art, many countries already have well-known graffiti artist, graffiti love graffiti were also held regular events and competitions. Some regions, such as the German government will and graffiti organizations, open space, the issuance of licenses to fans, while graffiti competition held each year to improve the art of graffiti. At the same time, graffiti has entered the daily life and become popular with young people's leisure, the network has become the new generation of graffiti artists canvas, only in North America, there are more than 2000 sites to the theme of graffiti, the largest graffiti site is from the graffiti master Futura, founded in 2000. The current network of graffiti works, most of the comic, but those who like to watch cartoons, and his painting of the young people, their pieces onto the network, a and friends of the latest means of communication.
New generation of graffiti, and more is to declare the existence of self-declaring their own thoughts. If you have enough strong passion and imagination, leave your beautiful youth with graffiti in mind.

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