Some Myths about SEO

By: Gary Cecil

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool employed by a huge number of websites. It helps the website gain more visitors by making the page more visible in a search engine's results. The greater the frequency of appearance, the more visitors a site is liable to have, which leads to larger profits.

However, SEO was often misused to make pages which provide no relevant information about a topic more popular, and thus more profitable. This led to major search engines tweaking their algorithm to make such pages less important. This alteration has led most people to believe that search engine optimization techniques are irrelevant these days.

Here are a few myths and misconceptions about SEO.

Use as many keywords as possible

Initially, this was one of the most common approaches to SEO. The popular belief was that if you use a relevant phrase or word a large number of times in one page, it is bound to get a higher ranking in search results. However, search engines look for relevance of content and nature of information when analyzing websites. Stuffing keywords into the content yields no positive results, and is more likely to get your page blacklisted.

Content is immaterial

Lots of people believe that having a great quantity of content on a page is what matters, rather than its quality. However, studies have shown that people don't pay close attention to details on a webpage, but just randomly scan through it to see if the information is useful to them. The quality of the content is what attracts and maintains viewers. Major search engines like Google take this into consideration as well. The only way to get a higher ranking is to use proper SEO techniques along with sharp, useful content.

Tons of backlinks increase traffic

Links in other websites that lead back to yours are extremely useful in generating traffic. In fact, one of the most common optimization techniques used is to post articles on online directories with links that lead back to your website. However, this has to be used in moderation. If links to your website and found on a number of pages that have little to do with the topic that you cover, it could lead to them being voided. Moreover, you website could be blacklisted or penalized for misusing link-building techniques.

SEO is dead and buried

One of the biggest myths out there is that SEO is obsolete. Search engine optimization is one of the most popular practices in the online world. The past few years have seen a major rise in the misuse of optimization techniques. This led to major search providers like Google and Microsoft altering their indexing algorithms to counter the misuse. However, to suggest that SEO is dead and buried would be completely misguided. It remains a very effective method of increasing a site's popularity. What the recent changes have ensured is that SEO techniques are not misused to make a quick buck and that websites with relevant information get the importance that they deserve.

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