Some Information About Vericose Vein Treatments

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If you notice that there are bulging veins with a burning sensation on your leg after standing for long hours, it might be that you have the problem of varicose veins. However, this problem can be rectified. As the case of one individual will differ from the other, it is better to contact a vein clinic for diagnosing your problem and the vascular specialist can guide you with respect to the treatment that will be fruitful to you. Here is some information about this medical problem:

When should medical advice be sought? When you have tried out different home remedies or if you are concerned about the appearance of your leg and if you are experiencing severe pain, it would be wise to seek medical help immediately. There are vein clinics of America that can provide you the right treatment for your problem.

How is diagnosis done? Your physician will be asking you to stand and will examine your legs and he will be searching for any signs of swelling. Also, he will be asking you about any pain or burning sensation experienced. An ultrasound test will be conducted to see if the valves are performing well or whether there is any blood clots.

Treatment options: When talking about the treatment option available for this medical condition, generally in most of the cases, vein clinic will be providing treatment as an outpatient. The health care provider will be suggesting you to exercise regularly and other remedies like wearing loose fitting clothes, reducing your weight and keeping your leg in elevated position when sleeping, etc… These suggestions are given just to ease your pain. If this problem is present during pregnancy, they generally develop within three months after childbirth. If all these things are not improving your condition, you will be suggested with other treatment options like those mentioned below.

Sclerotherapy: Under this procedure, vein clinics of America will be injecting the small and medium sized veins with a solution that can close them. Even though, this treatment is effective, injection procedure should be done more than once and if done correctly, you can surely get relieved. You will not be given any anesthesia during this procedure.

In addition to Sclerotherapy, there are also other treatment options like laser surgeries, catheter, stripping, ambulatory phlebectomy and endoscopic surgery. If simple procedures are not working out, the health care provider will be suggesting for surgery as the final option.

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