Some Fundamental Exercises to Help You Leap Higher

By: Jayden Shemayah

So you want to know a few good vertical jumping exercises? There are several to choose from. There are a few in particular that can increase your capacity to jump higher. You must make sure that you follow them closely. Many people perform the right exercises, but they don't do them correctly. Start with the exercises we outline below and you will have a good foundation for improving you vertical leap.

You may assume the only muscles you need to work on during your vertical jumping workouts are your leg muscles, but that's not the case. The muscles in the back and waist are also exceptionally important. The erector muscles are the strongest muscles in the back and take on the most work. Vertical jumping exercises should include working on this area. So let's get started with our first exercise.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are great. To start the exercise, grab the barbell, bend your knees, and arch your back. Bring the barbell up until you are standing upright with the barbell hanging across your thighs. Slowly lower the weight back down. The first 3 sets of 6-8 reps should be done quickly but steadily to avoid injury. Take a rest. Do one last set in a much slower approach this time.

Leg Presses

An additional good exercise is leg presses. Load a leg press machine with weights. Spread your feet away from each other. Permit the weight to come down as far as you can and then, pretending like you are jumping, push the weight back up rapidly. It's not about the slow and steady here. Your muscles perform explosively when you are jumping, so you have to train them that way in your exercises as well. Repeat this exercise six times - and execute five sets. Permit muscles to relax between sets.

Medicine Ball

For our very last exercise we will use a medicine ball instead of a basketball. Pretending that you are doing a dunk, grip the medicine ball and leap up as high as you can. Make certain to stretch your reach and try to get the ball as high as you are able to. Practicing this exercise helps all the muscles necessary for this movement to become strong. Remember to push yourself to the max.

While these are simply three exercises, they can be a good beginning to improving your vertical jump. Mix these with additional jumping exercises. Don't fail to remember to use the proper form while performing these exercises. It can help you evade injury.

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