Some Crucial Ways to Avert Foreclosure on Your Property

By: navjeet kaur

Losing your property to a foreclosure is very painful. Even though, foreclosures do not happen often, they are still happening. On a positive side, preventing them from happening is possible at first place. Below mentioned are a few ways that can help you in losing your house to a bank or any other lending institution. While some of these can be taken before the actual problem begins, others can be put in motion prior to the auction.

Build enough savings
In today’s economy, the money you earn already has a payee to its name before the funds actually reach your pocket. Saving under these circumstances seems to be a bit impossible. However, one must make sure to keep aside a small part of money from monthly income to be able to deal with an emergency. For a fact financial crisis can hit you anytime, having enough savings can leave you assured that you are able to repay the home loan without defaulting on it.

Try to make timely mortgage payments
One of the best ways to avoid foreclosure is trying not to miss home loan payments. Since paying home loan payments help you appear as responsible borrowers, the lenders might not take you seriously if you continue to miss a payment. Apart from exposing yourself to losing your house, you are more likely to hurt your credit score by defaulting on mortgage. Acquiring any other loan type in future also becomes challenging with poor credit rating.

Do not ignore your lending institution
When you are facing financial crisis and know that you might not be able to make monthly payments, make sure to inform about your financial condition to your lender. This is vital, especially when your financial credibility is affected due to genuine problems like job loss or health issues. Familiar with your situation in advance, the lender might find a way out by offering a new mortgage plan. On the contrary, ignoring your lender during this crucial time, you would only increase your trouble.

Go for short sale
The mortgage company allows you to sell your property at a lesser amount than its actual worth. Known as short sale, it is an alternative to prevent foreclosure. Although, you might not be able to acquire any profit from the sale and might also hurt your credit score, a short sale can certainly prevent you from repossession of your house by banks.

Set up home equity line of credit (HELOC)
To stop lenders from repossessing your property, make sure to set up the home equity line of credit, when possible. It costs nothing but in turn provides positive results by either delaying the foreclosure or preventing it from happening.

File for bankruptcy
If the situation has gone out of your hands and there is no way to prevent losing your house, file for bankruptcy. This will halt lenders from repossessing your asset, keeping you out of it till the time you follow the payment plan approved by the court.

Foreclosure is one thing a property owner would definitely never want to experience in his life. So, consider these tips to prevent losing your asset to lenders.

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