Some Chapters On Make Money Online With Info Products Creation!

By: Smita Jindal

Info Products Creation Guru is an e-book that I recently had the opportunity to read and review. There are many e-books available with tips on how to make money online. This book has an introduction and five chapters. The introduction starts out Iím going to show you the oh so simple secrets of creating effective, profitable information products. These are the very same SIMPLE secrets used by information product gurus. Simple yes but also deadly effective and hugely profitable...and the author explain some reasons he believes information product creation is the best way to go.

Chapter One: Pick Your Information Production this chapter the author includes a list of approximately a dozen very popular possibilities and also shows some FREE and up-to-the-minute sources you can utilize for your own ideas.

Chapter Two: Product Creation and Branding This chapter discusses branding yourself and/or your product. This chapter discusses branding yourself and/or your product. For example, Cesar Milan IS "The Dog Whisperer". If someone mentions cooking you may think of ... BAM!!!!....Emerald Largesse.

Chapter Three: Creating Your Info-Product Audio, video and e-books are some of the product types that are discussed in this chapter. How-top and when-topís for each.

Chapter Four: Pricing and How to Get Testimonials This chapter focuses on different ways to get testimonials for your product and how to decide on the proper price for you offering to get the buyer to click on that 'Buy Now' button.

Chapter Five: Selling Your Product Now we get down to it. After all, it is about making money! This is the bottom line reason anyone would offer information on the internet. This chapter discusses the free and pay methods of selling your product.ReviewThis e-book is thirty-two pages long and there is no fluff, no filler Everything the author does for himself he outlines and explains here for you. There are numerous screen shots and step-by-step instructions on how to do anything and everything necessary to create and market your products. There are also links to different sites that help you find your subject matter, create it and market it. I have read a lot of books about marketing and I like this one a lot. As I mentioned earlier there is absolutely no fluff or filler in those thirty-two pages. The author even warns you about keeping an eye on those not free things you might try so they don't get out of hand. I give this book two thumbs up (I'd give it three if I could!). Very good value for the money. All of these topics are covered in much greater detail in the free Info Products Creation Guru e-Book.

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