Solution for Recovery of Deleted Files

By: Ivaan Fox

Reason why files get corrupted

The files that are stored in your desktop or laptop might be accidentally deleted or erased. It is always better to have an extra backup copy, but it is not always possible to do so. There are many reasons as to why the data is lost. This may be due to:

Virus attack.
Power cut.
Human mistake.
Software mistake.
Hardware malfunctioning.
Natural error.

How Files are Stored in the Computer

The hard disk is a part of the computer system. It is a fast and completely rapid magnetic disk that is enclosed in a protective case inside the computer. You can store vast amounts of data in the disk. It has much faster data retrieval capacity than a floppy disk. When the data is deleted unknowingly, the Operating System marks the file name with a character which shows that the data has been corrupted. Actually, the data is still in the hard drive and will remain so. Hard disk recovery experts will not work on your disk drive, but will make a sector drive of that and will work on that. The method of recovering the data is by determining whether it is a mechanical problem or a logical problem.

Data Recovery

A logical error is a situation where your files get corrupted and your computer cannot read the drive. In order to recover files, you can use a software program to scan the drive to check if you can recover your files. If it is a mechanical error, your computer system might make strange noises. First, you need to switch your computer off, remove your hard drive and plug it into another system using an USB cable adaptor. You can use a software program to scan and see whether your files can be retrieved. If you are not able to recover your files, you need to contact a recovery service expert. The price for the data recovery may be expensive also. File recovery can be done by the way the data is stored on the hard disk. When recovery hard drives of files are needed, it can be done by using data recovery algorithm. When the file is replicated on to the hard disk, the Operating System produces space to be allotted to the file, records the position of the file in a central directory and then places the file in the particular location. When a file is removed, its location is altered in the directory. It only removes the directory listing of the file, but it is still present in the hard disk.

Hard Disk Failure Analysis

Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows use a Master File Table (MFT) to record the number of files. Though there has been significant technological advancement, hard disk failure keeps on occurring. A lot of valuable information is lost and this is what most computer users fear. It is best to have a backup copy of the hard disk. The hard disk is the only moving part other than fans in the computer. These are very delicate and when they fail to work, replacing them becomes a long drawn out process.

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