Soft durable organic clothing best made from bamboo

By: Rob Colbourn

Modern methods of manufacturing, particularly those that include the making of clothing for our babies, children, and adults involve the making of green or organic materials by processes which are considered to be safe for the environment. The term “going green” is a universal desire to save our planet and countries around the globe are now striving to make better things safely, economically, and with the future of our world foremost in mind. With that said lets look into how some of the best and most long lasting materials are currently in use and have become hugely popular world wide.

Organic Baby Clothing is a good fit for our green environment

Bamboo has been on this planet most likely longer than we have and it remains one of the preferred materials to manufacture such items as shoes, sandals, hats, sacks, and all forms of apparel including baby clothing, blankets, and their nappies. With modern technology lending a helping hand, processing of bamboo can now ensure fabrics soft enough to compliment even a baby’s tender skin. Chemicals used for the processing of many materials such as cottons and polyesters can cause harm to a babies tender sensitive skin but there is no such problem involved in the processing of bamboo fibres. The problem with softening of fibres involves the ability to break down strands of the material from plants.

1. Bamboo leaves are first gathered, including the soft pliable inner pith.
2. The material from leaves is then crushed and undergoes a steaming process.
3. The crushed materials are then soaked using sodium hydroxide, a safe process to produce cellulose. Further processing includes the use of a sieve like method of processing that involves spinneret nozzles that create a viscose fibre that is now amazingly soft.
4. The cellulose material is then put through a process that spins and forms the material into threads which can then be woven, forming clothing for babies and adults, also shoes, hats, bedding, etc.
5. The results of all this is a material that is soft, pliable, resilient, and extremely long wearing.

All this processing is 100% environmentally safe

When compared to older methods of making material that is soft enough for even a baby to wear, modern manufacturing of bamboo is safe, environmentally friendly, while providing the softest material known to man, and which comes from a very natural material (bamboo) manufactured in an entirely safe method. Organic materials are proving to not only be safe for the environment of planet Earth but also extremely long wearing and allergy free. Those new parents who are looking around for the softest, finest in baby clothing have a choice between cotton apparel which has been around for centuries and today’s bamboo materials. Cotton and bamboo are each manufactured organically today but even an old stand by such as cotton baby blankets and nappies cannot compare with the very soft and resilient bamboo clothing that is becoming increasingly popular today. To keep our planet clean and protect future generations from contamination from chemicals that do us harm let’s use more environmentally friendly and organic bamboo for all of its many uses.

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